in which Tuesday shares its 10 Things

Hello –

My Name is Tuesday, and these are my 10 Things.

10 Things that caused me to thank my God in the last week

1) Finding the bag that had our phone chargers in it after thinking that I had left it seven hours away in a remote cabin on the northern coast of Maine. I *had* packed it, I *wasn’t* losing my mind, it *was* there the whole time.

2) Being able to board a sailboat for the first time in front of well-seasoned sailors *without* falling overboard, tearing the sails, sinking it or otherwise ruining the experience for all. I did manage to somehow break the ramp down to the dock  – but that’s another story.

3) Coffee. Free, complimentary coffee in the hotel room – my favorite kind.

4) Seeing my husband surrounded by his peers and thinking – “Wow- he picked me. He picked ME out of all these people… Thank you, Father… that one’s *Mine*!”

5) Getting the chance to talk to my mom and brother on the phone.

6) None of our plants perished while we were away…

7) Showering, and not just any old ‘I do this every morning and it’s no big deal’ shower – but a shower after having *not* showered, when one is caked with ocean salt and sweat and the residue of various sea creatures. It’s miraculous.

8) I borrowed a bike at the hotel, procured a map and proceeded to bike my way

– alone –

into the tourist-thick midsts of Boothbay Harbor, 2 miles away up hill and down dale. Without dying. Or getting terribly Lost. Or getting abducted. Or falling into the sea. Or losing strength and fainting along the way.

9) Being surrounded by the love of my inlaws.

10) Every morning for the past week I’ve been able to have long devotion hours outside by the sea. Alex and I have spent several hours just reading the Bible and talking about it in between naps and walks and kisses – what a blessing – what a treasure. We had time.

TIME – it’s a gift, people. Be Thankful.

What has got your heart singing its thanksgiving song this week?


10 Things Tuesdays #4

Tuesday, we love thee!

We bear with thee, at least and it’s time for another 10 Things.

10 Things That Make Me Dance

1) French fries

2) Large, flying insects (it’s not a happy dance)

3) My husband

4) Rain

5) Fridays

6) Music with a really good beat

7) Getting coffee!!

8) Finishing a knitting project

9) Cleaning (don’t ask me why…)

10) Getting rid of things it turns out we don’t desperately need. I love a good go-through!

Tag. You’re it.

10 Things Tuesday #3

Is it Tuesday – already?

It’s almost like each week has one… crazy.

Alright – 10 Things…. 10 things… 10 Things.

If I had to pick the only 10 posts you read on this blog, this would be them…

1) My Favorite Poem and a picture of a catfish I think would make an awesome tattoo… just sayin’.

2) 23 Things like… I’m afraid of dragons, and other winged things.

3) The Day After I Got Married I bought everyone free coffee at work.

4) The Day After the Day After I got Married  I didn’t sleep a whole awful lot.

5) The Recovery from Bondage  It’s still ending, the chains are still falling

6) The Best Memory I have of My Pirate Father

7) One Month Married and I’ve already stolen all of his clothes…

8) The Very Little We Know and how I literally almost moved away from my future husband… like a moron!

9) Getting Used to Being A Cop’s Wife

10) It Was The End Of Happily Ever After as We Know It. 

It’s all you – you have my complete attention- what do you want me to read? I promise to visit AND comment ( ooolala) anyone who sends me any link to a post or blog they want to share with the class.

Please do.

10 things link-up

I was reading a post from Niki over at Meet Your Treat where she talked a little about the anonymity of blogging, and how it can be hard to give people a good sense of who you are, walking the fine line between ‘sharing’ and ‘babbling’. She then shared a few photos of objects from her life and told a little bit about them. Brilliant!

SO – here’s my big idea.

Let’s do a link-up of 10 Things lists. If you read this blog, and would like to get a little piece of who you are out there, you are welcome to join me and share a list of 10 Things – any things, that says something about you that may be hard to convey in a more structured venue. If you have a blog of your own – post something and comment below, leave the link to your site and I promise we will pack up our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and head over to visit. Don’t have a blog? List your things in the comments, and we’ll have an ‘in-house’ showing. I know a couple of you have already done posts like this and if you want to include your ‘old’ Things List – go ahead, but I think it would be pretty awesome if you came up with something new ‘on the fly’.

Who’s with me? Anybody? Am I going to post my 10 Things alone?

We’re bloggers, and readers of blogs – we’re a community of people, let’s communitize. (I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m going to use it anyway.)

Here’s My New List of Ten Things

10 Weird Things That Changed My Life

1) Coconut oil. I am a total frizz-head and have exceedingly dry skin. I found coconut oil and it works wonders on my wild, child-eating hair and scaly skin. (I sound a little bit like a Marvel comic monster there, don’t I?)

2) Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over”. That song gives me goosebumps – every time.

3) Realizing that Mr. Darcy isn’t a real person. Never was. Never will be. The End.

4) The moment I realized how to count back change.

5) Taking a course on folk weather predicting in High School – I barely look at the weather forecast now.

6) Almond Milk. Amen.

7) Aiding my little milk goat while she was giving birth to her first kid when I was 17.

8) Pad Tai

9) My first Kiss. I know that doesn’t seem all that weird now, but don’t you remember *your* first kiss? It was a little weird, right? Yeah. My husband still teases me about it…

10) Probably the first time I ever made a list and realized that *this* was the way I would structure my entire life from there on out. Listing.

I’m a big list person.

There you go – my ten things. What about you? What are your ten favorite books? Top ten movies? Ten songs you absolutely can’t stand? Ten pictures from your house? Ten places you want to visit? Ten things you’d never do? Have at it, I can’t wait to hear…

this is my confession

Here we go, I’m coming clean.

Squeaky clean.

Are you ready?

I had potato chips for dinner.

My husband was at work, I was in the middle of wrapping up fifteen long-neglected knitting projects and knee-deep into the first season of Glee (ack- I’m a hopeless addict now- don’t judge me – the damage has already been done). Potato chips really *were* the only option.

I have a super hard time trying to cook for myself. Does anyone else have that problem? Sometimes I will think of something I really want that maybe Alex doesn’t like, so I’ll make it for myself for dinner while he’s at work – and it’s almost as if I have to force myself to do it and that’s no fun. This is why, Wednesdays through Sundays, I eat like one of those college students you hear tell about, except that even boiling pasta seems like a waste of time when it’s Just Me.

I tried to avoid it. I trounced down the stairs and asked the lady who runs Caraway’s if she wanted dinner- I’d be willing to make her something. It worked yesterday, but today she was headed home to have dinner with her mom. Fail.

But wait – it gets worse.

The day *before* yesterday, I actually factually walked down the street and bought fried rice from the new Chinese restaurant that opened last week and had that for dinner.

Really? That ain’t gonna fly long!

So I ate potato chips tonight…. and a chunk of chocolate for dessert, wrapped up in my fuzzy robe (because it is June in Vermont, as you know, winter isn’t *quite* through with us yet), letting Glee destroy my intellect and self-respect while I eeked out another  four inches on my hat. Come 9:30 I will perk up and start making dinner for when Alex comes home. Inspiration floods in and I feel Alive and Real and Needed.

It leads one to wonder – if it weren’t for my husband – what kind of human being would I be, anyway?

A little terrifying, isn’t it?

Thank God for Alex.



training the eyes

“I have decided,” she said, “to write about love on my arms.”

“I will write Love,” she said, “for every time I have spoken Hate,

“And every time I have spoken Wrong.

“For every scar. For every mark I’ve made, I’ll write Love.”

She said.

“Until I get it.

“Until I look at myself and see Hope

“and Love – until I see it where it isn’t written.

“Another month, ” she said,

“Another month and people will ask me Why I’ve Done It

“And I’ll say that I’ve Done It because It Needed Doing.

“Who’s going to write it if I Won’t?

“Who’s going to believe it if I Don’t?

“Look, eyes, and see Love. All Over.

“Thick, black Love like permanent ink.

“Believe it.”

She said.