Tuesday Presents…

Another Ten Things….

I’m afraid it’s not going to be very imaginative this week. I’ve had the flu and it has wiped me clean of any decent creative energy… or any sort of energy for that matter.

10 Things I Don’t Have the Energy To Do

1) Make myself Lunch… can we say, “Yogurt”?

2) Exercise… even though I so faithfully started walking last week

3) Fall Cleaning… it shall have to wait a few more days, sorry dirty windows

4) Laundry… the thought of hauling the washer out of it’s little corner is enough to make me pass out, just saying.

5) Go for a ten mile bike ride like I was planning

6) Enthusiasm… it has left me… utterly

7) Get out of bed… nope, not happening, lunch has just been cancelled

8) Brush my teeth (my strength is fading even as I write)

9) Finish This Post.

The End