It’s a Loaf!

She rose in the creepy attic space for about three hours.

When I went to get her, she looked like this…

I stirred it down into a ball of extremely wet dough.

That looked like this…

I floured up the counter real well and started to knead. It was wet and sticky for a while, but I ended up being able to wrestle it into a loaf-shaped mass and then sent it to rise again in the pan…

The pan.

Viola – the loaf!

Much better than my first attempt, this sourdough actually has a bit of a sour taste to it and a very pleasing texture, even with it being mostly whole wheat. My husband has already eaten a good deal of it toasted.

I’m calling it a success, but the adventure in sourdough is far from being over, dear readers, far from it! I am on the look-out for more recipes to try my hand at…

Got any to share?

Please do ­čÖé

Be featured on this humble little corner of the World Wide Web.

Sourly yours,


Sourly, we roll along

Alright, so “Sourly” isn’t exactly the most original tag for our fragrant bundle of joy – but it works.

This morning I followed Part Two of ┬áStephanie’s directions (Read them HERE) and then put Sourly out in the creepy attic space next to the kitchen to ferment some more. She lets her sourdough proof in the fridge for 12-14 hours, but I am going to make mine later today, so it’s proofing in the warmth. The creepy attic keeps a pretty stable warmth that should keep Sourly working away for the next couple hours… I know the picture isn’t real clear about that, I ran out of space on my plastic wrap… apologies!

I read in my ‘Adventures in Sourdough’ book that 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) is about perfect for percolating a sourdough loaf, so I attached our thermometer to the top of the bowl so I could monitor just exactly how warm the creepy attic space is.

Will I do this every time? Probably not – but I’d like to know all the same, plus it makes me feel really professional, which is important. ┬áVery Important.

Well then -I’m off!

– A



My first loaf of sourdough bread, fresh from the oven. I tried this awesome baking method where you put a pan on the bottom of the oven and douse it with cold water just as you put in the bread so it steams for the first few minutes. The result? A delightfully crusty, chewy loaf of bread. Yes, please.