Chunky, Rustic, Wool Mug Sweater

Good for those dreary, rainy days that need the comfort and warmth of a good mug of tea (or coffee). I love tea, I love sweaters – and I love the idea of a sweater for my mug!
I make these mug sweaters from a handspun, bulky weight, wool yarn that was processed minimally and still retains it’s natural color with a bit of plant material flecked in here and there! Super rustic, super cozy, and whimsical enough to make them a pleasantry worth having.
Each mug sweater is hand knit by me using this super simple cabled and seed stitch design. Roughly 9-10 inches long with a loop on one end and one of my gorgeous antique-inspired buttons on the other. Simply button up your favorite mug and you’re ready to sit back and read a good book or listen to the rain….. Oh, sweet contentment!

Basil Skies Mug Sweater

The latest design in our summer line, keeping your mugs, bottles, cups and glassesĀ  well dressed for the season- the Basil Skies Cotton Summer Mug Sweater.
Cool, clean, crisp – the fresh colors of pungent basil leaves, towering white clouds are knitted together in a simple cable design and embellished with a single spot of blue sky. Ready to be used to wick away moisture from your cold drink, or to save your hands from the warmth of a cup of early morning tea.
100% USA grown cotton, hand-knit in Vermont, by me!
Roughly 10 inches long with a single button closure.