dream a little dream of me

“Last night I had the craziest dream that you and I went on Gwen and Andy’s honeymoon with them to Alaska. Gwen cut her hand really bad and had to be taken ashore to the hospital which was this really old, sketchy Chinese thrift shop. They took Gwen to the back of the store where this little Eskimo lady was going to sew her hand up and you and I were walking around looking at all the stuff and I couldn’t decide between these two patchwork bags that I really wanted.”

“Yeah, THAT’S not hard to believe.”

“Listen now, so I was trying to pick, and you came up behind me and gave me a big hug and said that I could get both. You were so sweet. And you looked like Paul Newman.”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. I looked like Paul Newman? Like, young, good-looking Paul Newman or old Salad Dressing Newman?”

“Ummmm, like the salad dressing Newman.”

“Oh. Ok. And I said you could get both?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t. I still couldn’t decide….”

“Only you. This is like some kind of a wife dream where the husband looks like a movie star and tells her she can buy both the bags she wants…. yeah.”

“Yeah. I know. So did you dream last night?”

“I did actually, I dreamed that you and I were working on the truck together…”

“Husband dream. Did I look like Marilyn Monroe?”

Because I know *I* would rather look like the Salad Dressing Version of a movie star…


10 Things Tuesdays…

Is it just me – or do I hate Tuesdays? They seem a little insipid to me, they don’t carry the dread of Monday, or the relief of Friday, they aren’t in the middle or the end – they’re like an early Thursday – and everyone *knows* what Thursdays are – something we have to get through to reach Friday. What do we get when we get through Tuesday? Wednesday.

How exciting.

So – let’s talk 10 Things.

Every Tuesday, I’m going to list 10 things, random things that are totally subject to my whim and will. You are more than welcome to join me, if you so choose.

Link up, comment  – send a smoke signal, share your own 10 Things. Today’s the day to do it…

This week, it’s 10 Things I love about my husband…

1) I love that he chased a frantic firefly around a dark yard, trying to catch it so that our friends’ 3 year old could see one up close. Everybody now, “Awwww!”

2) I love how he looks when he first wakes up and doesn’t fully realize that he isn’t sleeping anymore.

3) I love the miniature cowlick at the front of his head.

4) I love that he stopped traffic for me once while he was in uniform because no one would let me cross the road. Talk about being treated royally! He always has my back.

5) I love that when he was picking out his truck, while still a carefree buck of a boy, he made sure it had places where a car seat could buckle in, for ‘someday’.

6) I love that, as uncomfortable as it makes him, he lets me cry when I need to.

7) I love that he likes to talk to me as much as I like to talk to him.

8) I love his silent “WOW”. Whenever something really impresses, shocks, delights, surprises or amuses him, he exaggeratedly mouths the word ‘wow’ – but no sound comes out.

9) I love that, even though he is a new believer, he isn’t shy to pray in front of people, or sing the hymns he doesn’t know *perfectly* – I don’t think he knows how rare and precious that it.

10) I love that he giggles when I tell him how handsome is and says, “Don’t worry babe, we’ll get those eyes fixed right up…”

There you go. Tell me 10 things about someone you love…