OH, you shouldn’t have…

But you did.

I’ve been awarded the Inspiring Blog Award by Niki at Meet Your Treat.

First, I’d like to thank Niki, of course, for sharing her lovely recipes and thoughts with us random Internet people, and giving me this award.

The rules are simple – the awardee (is that even a word? Let’s hope so…) must share 7 things about themselves that their gentle readership won’t already know and then pass the award on to some other inspiring bloggers…

So here goes –

1) As much as I like the ideas and principles – and even the act – of eating healthy, I am still a hard-core junk food lover. I know, I know, like you didn’t know that already.

2) I went to public school through 4th grade and then was homeschooled for the remainder of my education… did you know that? The revolutionaries will be homeschooled…

3) When I was a little kid we lived in this old Victorian mansion that was haunted. For real.

4) I think I might be allergic to shrimp.

5) I studied botany/herbal medicine for years and wanted to become a Clinical Herbalist before I got married and became a food writer…

6) Back home, my brothers and I were certified weather-spotters. Oh yeah, we were spotting that weather like crazy. The highlight of our short but terribly interesting career was a slight twister than snaked itself down in the field across from our house after a huge storm. We were able to call it in and save the day. Sort of.

7) My drink of choice nowadays is Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood tea. It comes in a glass bottle that’s smeared with red, green and yellow and has a big picture of Bob Marley laughing on the front. It’s wicked good, and very mellowing… very. And no, there is no pot involved. I’m so rad.

Alright – enough about me, let’s move on to these inspiring bloggers:

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Have a great day, folks!