and then they gave me this

Today was such a lovely thing to have lived through. The sun was warm and my Love and I went for a long walk down a back road and collected weed skeletons. It was perfect and made me long for Spring.

Then, I come here to my “Blogging Home” (as WordPress so comfortably calls it) and find that I have been given the Versatile Blogger Award.

Oh my.

And who nominated me? My Versatile friend, Girl Friday  from Girl Friday Makes Good.

I stumbled on Rachel’s lovely blog back when we were both still residing at our old blogspots through our mutual love of old movies and film noir. I think I was her first follower and absolutely fell in love with her sweet, humorous outlook on life. I commented *extensively* and before long we were penpals. Boy Howdy how things have changed in the months that followed! I started dating a handsome young police officer in our town. She started marketing her lovely Girl Friday Bags online and at local farmer’s markets. (I still want one, Rachel…) I fell in love with the before mentioned young man. Rachel took a brief blogging break while dealing with the loss of a beloved friend. I didn’t think I would ever write again after accidentally erasing my entire blog, then I married the fella I had fallen in love with (the only reasonable, rational ending to such a chain of events). And now- here we are, madly in love with our husbands, both blogging at WordPress, sharing an award for being our versatile selves.

Thanks, dear Girl Friday- I have so enjoyed getting to know you! You’re the best ;-p

So what are the requirements for this? (besides being Fully Awesome)

1. You must give thanks. To the one who gave you the award, that is, and link back to their site in your acceptance speech. (see above post)

2. You must share 7 things about yourself with the class. (keep reading)

3. Pass the award on to *other* bloggers. (I believe it’s supposed to be 9 or 15, but I don’t know that many, I’ll do my best…)

4. Contact the bloggers you awarded and let them know that THEY’VE WON!! (Surprise!! Make sure to bring confetti and the keys to their new car… just kidding. There’s no new car. Sorry.)

Here are some Fabulous Blogs you must Check Out:

Pie in the Sky – newly-wed, still glowing bride Grace writes about their adventures in marriage, life and love. Absolutely sweet and inspiring.

Life as a Story –  23 year old wordsmith and college student, MC ‘puts the cosmos of his mind down on a page’. Excellent reading if you need something to think about….

Life, in Recipes– an awesome foodie website I could spend too much time reading….

Becoming Madame– lovely, lovely, lovely. For those of us who would go to Paris 🙂

So, there are only four of them. Looks like I need to find some more friends in the WordPress neighborhood, eh?

And, as required, here are the Seven Things you are dying to know about Me.

1. I want to travel to California someday with Alex  a) to visit my brother-in-law Thane, and b) to visit Girl Friday

2. My dream car is actually a 1960s Chevy pickup truck. Butter yellow. Oh yeah.

3. I love argyle socks. A lot.

4. I am a self-diagnosed (and others-confirmed) obsessive compulsive list maker.

5. My husband thinks I have a pretty singing voice. I married a good man.

6. If I could choose any superpower, I would pick being able to heal people at will. Or, I would go with the ability to eat as much as I wanted without getting too fat. I know, kinda rides both ends of the spectrum there, just pretend I only shared the super-humanitarian one, ok?

7. As much as I am a devoted list maker, I am fascinated by, but rather allergic to making lists of things about myself.

So there you are, I am going to go now and figure out how to affix this lovely bit of colored badge to my sidebar.




New Items in the Shop

As promised, there are some new items in the shop! * And this is just the beginning, folks!*

It’s time for cooler weather- at least here in Vermont, and my mind is trying to reacquaint itself with the idea of *snow* and *below freezing temperatures*. It’s been a little hard for me to plan winter projects during weather which lends itself to suntans and barbeques, but as the breezes have chilled and the nights glisten in undecided frost, I have been able to actually think in terms of wool and warmth.

I’ve added some pairs of fingerless gloves, as well as two absolutely gorgeous pillows that my Mom designed and created using second-hand wool sweaters and appliques. I love how autumnal they are, and so cozy! Makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot cider and read a good book of old poems.

The Chunky Rustic Mug Sweaters are back in stock thanks to some long nights of knitting 🙂 and I am working on several new designs to be introduced in the next couple of weeks!

Alright- I must run!

Take Care, don’t forget to go slow and use the good soap ;-p

– Ann