just a small, shameless plug

Hey y’all –  News Flash concerning Ugly Mugwump Designs

As you may or may not know – we’re going to have our own little mugwump (who will be absolutely adorable and nothing like ugly) this summer. Cheers and confetti cue *now*

Because of this little bit of delightfulness, I have put nearly everything in my Etsy shop on clearance in hopes that lovely people like you will buy every last item and clean out my store of knitted goods; the baby paraphernalia is really incredible and I need places to stash it all…. plus the extra cash would be fantastic!

So, from now until the first week of July when the store will go on vacation for some undisclosed amount of time, I am initiating a buying *frenzy* at the Ugly Mugwump. Why don’t you head on over and see if anything strikes your fancy?

While you’re doing that, I am going to go see how many packs of diapers I think I can fit under the sink in the bathroom…

Peace to thee,

Andi, Alex and the Little Mugwump

The Ugly Mugwump Rises…

Button Cowl in Fern

Howdy… just thought I would pop in and share with you beautiful people some of the knitterly stuff I’ve been working on for the Ol’ Shop.

Blue-Eyed Cowl

Button Cowl in Rose

Single Button Cowl in Honeyed-Oat

The Ugly Cowl

Gnomie Hat

Gnomie Hat side view

Man Lace Scarf

My Fair Midshipman Scarf

Midshipman Scarf

I was even able to hunt down a real, live model who was willing to wear this stuff in 90 degree heat so I could take pictures of it. We love you, Allie.

And – because I so love you, dear blog friends, I am offering – for a limited time – a coupon discount for readers.  Use this super secret code, willcookforfood  in the next two months and receive 20% off your order from Ugly Mugwump Designs on Etsy.

Cool, huh?

Do good – stay warm.

Ugly Mugwump Designs on Etsy

a promise

Hello, my darling blog readership.

I just realized that the old blog-o and I have 74 followers. *This* is epically awesome.

I love you all, each one of you.

Here’s my promise: when we get to 100 followers, I’m going to give something nice to a random member of the audience.

Something nice like… say… anything you want from my Etsy shop. It could be a couple months before we reach the goal and I’m a knitting fiend so there will probably be more things up to choose from.

Just tuck that in your cap and keep it there for a while.



The Grubby Munchkin – a free pattern by Andi

Howdy All!
So here’s the scoop; I shut down my Etsy shop last winter after I got married (because I was kinda busy for a while… being married and all) and have been slowly working on a stash of Stuff with which to reopen the shop this August.

So exciting.

The shop is in its roughest stages since I am no whiz at web-design and can barely take a decent photograph, but it’s coming along and I hope the next few weeks will bring forth a lovely, new, fun place full of knitted things*and*such. Fingers crossed…

Until then, I have a pattern to share with you – The Grubby Munchin, it’s a bib I designed a few years back and have been tweaking ever since. After a dozen or so bibs, I think I finally have it where I want it and am ready to share.

This is my default baby gift. I’m not into stuffed animals or baby quilts as gifts (I have nothing against either, I just can’t make them…) and I love this bib because it’s rather durable, easy and quick to make, practical and cute to boot! If I hear that a friend, or a friend of a friend, or a distant cousin of a friend of a friend is having a baby, I get out my size 7s and start a bib. I’ve made so many, I didn’t even have a pattern… until now!

The Grubby Munchkin

2 oz worsted weight cotton yarn

size 7 needles

1 button

Cast on 40 stitches

Work in Seed stitch ( knit one, purl one on one row, then purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches on the next… repeat) until the bib body measures 6 inches.

You can see the Seed Stitch detail. I like this pattern because it makes a very fine sort of  fabric. You could easily work in garter stitch (knit every stitch, every row) and have a wicked cute bib, too. These are so nice and thick and absorbent – – it really is delightful.

Once the bib body is long enough (6 inches), work 14 stitches in the pattern, cast off the next 12 stitches, and then work the last 14 stitches in the pattern.

It will look like this:

Now you are only going to work the first 14 stitches for a while, making the first strap. If you had a third size 7 needle, I suppose you could use that for knitting the strap, but I just slide the ‘waiting’ stitches to the back and use that needle.

At the neck, decrease one stitch each row until you have only 9 stitches left on your needle, then work those in pattern until the strap is 7 inches.

Here’s a close-up of the shaping at the neck… I think it looks more ‘finished’ than just leaving it blocky.

Once the strap is 7 inches long, I like to decrease at both ends a couple of times (3 times, to be exact) to round off the top, but that is completely optional.

Bind off.

 Now, back to the other strap, patiently waiting its turn. Join the yarn to the body of the bib, making sure to leave room to weave in the end. Start knitting the second strap, decreasing one stitch at the neck each row until you have 9 stitches. Work those stitches in pattern until the strap is about 6 1/2 inches long.

The button hole: I know there are some fancy ways to make a button hole, but this isn’t exactly a fancy bib, so I work 3 stitches, cast off 3 stitches and then work the last 3. Then, turn the strap, work 3 stitches, cast on 3 stitches using a crochet hook or just yarn overs, then work the last 3 stitches.

The cast off stitches…

The button hole…

Same thing goes for this strap, I decrease at both ends of the next three rows, then bind off all the stitches.

Now it’s time to weave in all the ends, which I find it is easiest to do this with a big-eyed needle and sew in the ends. This little trick changed my life and I no longer faint at the thought of having to weave in ends!

Button time! I like these cute wooden ones because they are nice looking, but not real bulky – this is going to be behind some little sweetie’s neck and it needs to be comfortable.


The bib, she is done! Ready to be packed off for the next baby shower to be attended, or maybe your own little one.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions – feedback is always welcomed!

Ciao, lovely people!