the preggo ten

Wow – has it really been several short decades since I did a 10 Things Tuesdays?

You can all throw your tomatoes now, I won’t duck or deflect – I promise.

This 10 has to do with – you guessed it – being pregnant (which I very much still am)!


10 Things About Being Pregnant:

1) I now look pregnant. For months people have been saying,  “But you don’t *look* pregnant!!” which was somewhat distressing because my clothes started not to fit almost immediately. Immediately, I say. I felt extremely pregnant really fast and I have to say that I am glad I finally look like it to the rest of the world! I have a decent baby bump that sticks out and gets me stuck in tight places and makes me look like a mama.

2) 25 weeks – that’s how far along I am. 15 weeks left. Craziness.

3) It’s a BOY! Yes, we found out. No, it’s not a secret. Yes, I am thrilled. No, I don’t feel like it’s ruined any surprises. Yes, we have a name. No, that’s not a secret either… it’s Bruin. Yes, I can’t wait. No, he is not named after the hockey team. Sorry.

4) The sickness finally stopped around 22 weeks – one of the reasons why this blog-o was so cruelly neglected, I was sick out of my mind. I am sure other women have had it much worse and I certainly don’t mean to say that it was unbearable, but I am not a good sick person. I like to be able to do what I want, when I want and I want to feel good while I am doing it.

Can we say, “Proud and Stubborn Mama!”

Can we say, “Lesson Time!”

I feel as though I took the crash course “How to Not Be a Miserable Person but Deal with All Things with Thankfulness and Patience and Joy” and just slid through by the skin of my teeth. I won’t be posting my report card on this blog *that’s* for sure!  At any rate, I am so exceedingly thankful to be feeling better. So thankful. So happy. I’ll take tired, I’ll take sore, I’ll even take spacey and ditzy and hormonal – the sickness is over!! I was definitely humbled my the first half of this pregnancy, and that’s a good thing. I was expecting to breeze right through it on strength of mind and steeliness of will. Um – no.

5) El’Ditzoid. What was I saying? Where was I going? What was I doing? What? Why? Huh? I don’t remember. I can’t think. My brain has died. I’m so sorry, can you start again? I can’t quite figure that out. I don’t remember how I got here. Was I asleep? Did I eat already?  When did I say that? You already said that? Math? What do you mean I ate my piece already?  ‘Nuf said.

6) Gymnastics. It’s what Bruin loves to do best. If this little boot is *half* as active out of the womb, we have some fun times ahead of us! I lay in bed in the morning and imagine him spinning and punching and kicking all at once because I am SURE that is what he is doing in there and will continue to do until I get up and get something to eat. He does not like to be hungry. Not. At. All.

7) Crazy curly hair has been downgraded to crazy thick wavy hair. Interesting. And, even though I know I flirt with ‘oversharing’ when I say it, the hair on my legs has all but stopped growing (nice) and I have a beard (not so nice). Hair – it does crazy things under the influence.

8) Cravings? Not so much. I craved spaghetti for a couple of weeks, then pickles and now I’m just hungry. I drink a lot of smoothies packed with good things like chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds, fruit, homemade yogurt, etc. and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping my cravings at bay. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy *other* people’s cooking and will eat monstrous portions of it when I have the opportunity.  Food weakness? Organic Cheese Puffs. No joke. I’m trying hard to stay away from junk food and caffeine and too much sugar, but organic cheese puffs….. yum.

9) Exercise? I do ‘labor-prep yoga’ and take walks. Sometimes. I fail. A lot. But I have glorious plans to do better tomorrow. Really.

10) 15 weeks left and I have quite the list of things yet to do. It’s just hitting me now in the past couple of days that this thing is happening, and we’ll be there in no time at all. There were three of us young pregnant ladies in our church at the same time, all 10 weeks apart. The first one had her baby a little while ago and the next will reach her appointed time in a month – you know what that means, folks – I’m next. It’s like waiting in line for a scary ride. I’m frantically taking notes as I watch the ones before me bravely step up for their turn and I can’t help but feel like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. It’s exciting, and I’m looking forward to having this baby in my arms, but boy howdy – there’s quite a bit to get through before that happens!

God is good and we pluck on. I am blessed to have so much love and support from my dear husband and family and friends, it’s overwhelming.

We shall do well.

Until next time… What’s your life looked like for the past few months? Can you sum it up in 10 things? Please share!

A return, A revelation, A response; Tuesday’s Ten

Alright, alright – I fell off the blog bandwagon there for a bit and now I’m back.

I think.

Let’s just take each day as it comes, shall we? With tea and happy thoughts and much lower expectations on my end.

You see, I’m absolutely, totally, utterly and incredibly Pregnant.


That’s me. Oh, so preg-O.

I’m going to have a baby. There’s a tiny person inside me *right now*, growing away and making their mum long for naps and salty carbs.

Did you hear the shouts at about 7:45 AM last Monday (eastern standard time) when Alex and I found out that we are the delighted parents of a poppy seed-sized baby *someone*? Obviously, we’re not sure what the little boot is, though we keep inadvertently referring to him as, well, ‘him’, but just knowing that someone is really *there* is enough for now.

How do you describe it? I will attempt to do so with this Tuesday’s Ten Things…

1) Shocked; it worked! I know they *said* it would – but it did. Really. We did it. We made a baby. Um, ta-da! Is it weird to feel really accomplished?

2) Thankful; God worked! Sure we happened to be in all the right spots at all the right times, but do you have any idea what a miracle this is? How can there possibly be pregnant atheists?! This is so obviously the work of the Lord, it’s overwhelming because it’s happening IN ME. Someone exists now that didn’t before. There is a tiny soul inside me, placed there by God Himself. Incredible, absolutely incredible.

3) Full; I feel full. Full of love for my husband and our child. Full of purpose and intentions and hopes and dreams and worries and cravings and wonderings and supposings and plans and questions and deeper than usual thoughts. I feel full of life – which seems slightly contradictory seeing how my life now consists of barely more than eating, sleeping and trudging to the bathroom.

4) Happy; I’m a mama! I am so happy – purely, surely happy with all the gloss and shininess that goes along with it. Even when I get to feeling a little strained, just remembering *why* puts a smile on my face – I’ve got a baby.

5) Reverent. Life looks so different to me after seeing those two shadowy blue lines cross on that test – it really *means* something. Suddenly, I’m not thinking about ‘will this food make me fat’, but, ‘is this good for the baby?’. It’s amazing and surprisingly hard to describe, there is a deep part of me that feels very solemn and silent before the life that is  being woven together inside me. It’s so serious and fierce and strong.

6) Tired. Knock-down, drag out exhausted. So tired.

7) Hot. As in, literally on fire… I wasn’t aware that there would be hot flashes.

8) Preoccupied – Because I am not thinking about what you are saying, I am thinking about something else all together, probably baby-related. Sorry.

9) Honored. I am so honored to be the mother of Alex’s child, I can hardly say. He is the best of men and will be the very best of fathers and when I get to thinking about it I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, I say.

10) Out Of Control. In a way, at least, I feel as much a passenger as this little one. This being my first time around the block, I have very little idea of what to expect. I’ve read enough books to have some knowledge about it, but that’s not enough. Even if the knowledge is there, the *feeling* is still totally NEW. It’s so weird. It’s not just me anymore.


So there you have it, 10 Things from me about being pregnant. I’m quite sure this isn’t going to turn into some Mommy Blog, but I’m sure the kiddo will make an appearance now and again. We’ll have to come up with a cute nickname so we don’t have to call it “It” the whole time.

Any suggestions?

Sandy’s Special 10

According to the National Weather Service, we are in the path of  Hurricane Sandy (whom we affectionately call “Frankenstorm”).

If you are reading this, and it is Tuesday, I may be clinging to a bent-over tree in the backyard surrounded by flood waters.

Here are Ten Other Things I Might Be Doing During The Hurricane

1) Eating the remains of our ‘hurricane stash’ of Kashi cereal (just because it’s an emergency doesn’t mean we need to eat crappy stuff – I stocked up last week)

2) Rafting down Otter Creek on my Volvo accompanied by my handsome hubby and a banjo

3) Using the hurricane force winds to parasail my way West

4) Seeking higher ground

5) Cooking bear meat over a fire I made in the street wearing skins and dreadlocks because I’ve gone a day without a hot shower

6) Digging a community latrine in the backyard (because there’s no water)

7) Finally using that gorgeous hurricane lamp Mr. Brown gave us for a wedding present

8) Lighting All The Candles and eating the emergency chocolate reserves

9) Playing air guitar on our silent electric guitar

10) Knitting

a ten in the bucket

I hear a lot of people talking about their bucket-list.

Well, not being one to be willingly left out of a conversation, I want to talk about it too.

It was one of the things Alex and I first discussed when we started to court last year, “What’s your list?”

I guess you can learn a lot about a person by hearing what they want to do before they die, and I also suppose that he liked whatever it was I said because he answered, “Well, I’d like to do all those things too, with you.”


I also feel like I should mention that we have pretty tightly wrapped-up my bucket list, having done most of the things that were on it in the past year. True, I didn’t have anything really crazy like “skydive over the grand canyon”, but it’s still been a wild year of incredible happenings. Skinny dipping totally, absolutely and completely included.

I’ve had to write up a new list.

Here it is.

Babe – you getting this?


1) Go to the West. By plane, train or automobile, it doesn’t really matter. I just want to see West.

2) Have a baby. Yup. It’s on the list and now that I have a husband, we might actually be able to make that happen. Wowsers.

3) go to hear a symphony orchestra

4) learn to make pastry

5) whale watching

6) learn archery

7) learn to fly fish

8) write a book

9) try snowboarding

10) create a home-based business that actually works

Ok, so a little odd, slightly lame, I get it – but these are the things I want to do. I actually had a hard time coming up with this list because really, before I got married my secret bucket list was simply to find someone to share every day with, and now that I have that, my list remains just as simple; Live every day, sharing it with my best friend, perfect lover and husband. What better adventure could one ask for?

How about you? What’s on your List?

Tuesday Presents…

Another Ten Things….

I’m afraid it’s not going to be very imaginative this week. I’ve had the flu and it has wiped me clean of any decent creative energy… or any sort of energy for that matter.

10 Things I Don’t Have the Energy To Do

1) Make myself Lunch… can we say, “Yogurt”?

2) Exercise… even though I so faithfully started walking last week

3) Fall Cleaning… it shall have to wait a few more days, sorry dirty windows

4) Laundry… the thought of hauling the washer out of it’s little corner is enough to make me pass out, just saying.

5) Go for a ten mile bike ride like I was planning

6) Enthusiasm… it has left me… utterly

7) Get out of bed… nope, not happening, lunch has just been cancelled

8) Brush my teeth (my strength is fading even as I write)

9) Finish This Post.

The End

A Tenfold Return

We’re back, ladies and gents, with the continuation of Tuesday’s List of Ten Things.

What will it be this week, eh?

How about a list of Ten Things I did on my “blog vacation week”?

1) I went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for glasses. You read that right (even though I couldn’t) I’m getting glasses. They say I don’t have to wear them *all* the time, just when I want to see… The doctor wasn’t very talkative, and I think it had something to do with the fact that on my ‘patient entrance exam’, in the space where you have to “describe what brings you to our office today”, I wrote… “It’s all so blurry.”  My husband, on the other hand, wrote something more correct and professional sounding and then mastered the art of putting in contacts On The First Try while the doctor and I looked on in breathless admiration. She was all grim business with me just because I jerked away and almost smacked her when she dropped the eye-numbing stuff into my eyes… which doesn’t numb until *after* it burns out the pupils in your eyes… but she giggled when Alex put his contacts in. No joke. I thought she was going to hug him. Just because he sat there like a statue during *his* eye numbing. Teacher’s pet.


2) I went grocery shopping

3) Alex and I both got a touch of the flu. Well, I had a touch of it, Alex kind of got gut-shot by it. The first half of the week I took care of him and the second half was his turn to take care of me. And boy – he really did! Have I ever mentioned what a sweet man I married? He cooked and cleaned and brought me hot chocolate the day I was absolutely OUT of it…. *sigh* I love him.

4)  I worked on the blog, getting posts scheduled for the rest of this month and wrote my column for the paper.

5) I knitted a custom order hat for a friend in Ohio – start to finish. Wowsers.

6) I watched an inordinate amount of Doctor Who episodes on Netflix the days I was sick. The scary thing is that when you have a slight fever – everything you see on T.V. seems Real. Very Real. I keep having flashbacks of things I didn’t really live through revolving around aliens and flying Police boxes and sonic screwdrivers.

7) I worked three afternoons.

8) I bought a ton of books at the Library’s end of the year book sale (yeehaw!) Is there anything better than a huge book sale? And then- a book sale where you can fill a plastic grocery bag with books For Only $3?! AND THEN – a book sale that also includes a section of relatively new Interweave Knitting Magazines?! I know, right?

How could I resist? I got a huge bag of books and knitting magazines for $3, it was euphoric.

9) I chatted with my cool brother-in-law in California. When he was out here visiting us, he accidently left one of his t-shirts here which I, the Queen of Cool T’s, quickly absconded. Now, every time I wear The Shirt, I have to send him a text message to let him know. I don’t know why- it just has to be done.

10) Alex and I went on a double date with a young courting couple from church. Let’s hear it now, “Awwwwww!”. It was so sweet! Well, first it was a little frustrating because we had to go to three separate restaurants before we found one that wasn’t mobbed and had a five hour waiting list. We started at this really hip sort of wood-fired oven pizza hangout place and ended up at a deserted Chinese eatery named “Magic Wok”. Too funny – but we had a great time. We talked about budgets and apartments and where everyone grew up and I asked some pushy questions about how serious everyone was (because I was just *dying* to know – – are there wedding bells to be heard?!? Since being married, I have turned into the biggest Mrs. Bennet that ever lived. My apologies to every single young lady in the tri-state area, but – I want all y’all married off. Enough of this loligagging and shananaginizing. Set a date, for pity’s sake! Ok, I’m done… stepping away…) No, really, it was sweet to see two people who couldn’t look at each other without melting a little bit. Reminds me of my man and I…

Ah, l’amour!


The Working Ten

We all have a lot of jobs that we must do in life, from teething to raising kids to putting away the dishes after dinner – there is always something to be done, some sort of work. It’s a good thing, it keep life moving in the right direction.

Here are Ten Jobs – all of which I have done at some point in my life.

1) Don’t let this pig through

2) Clean up that vomit

3) Milk these cows

4) Bring them fries

5) Sort these bolts – all of them

6) Lance her abscess

7) Pick the dead flowers off these 7,000 geraniums

8) Carry this knife

9) Walk to the end, turn and walk back. Smile.

10) Don’t overfill those donuts

Maybe you’ve been working on the railroad all the livelong day and want to talk about it… go ahead, it’s your turn to share some of the jobs you’ve had to do in life…


Ten Things I Think in Ten Minutes

1) Do I need to make bread?

2) I need to exercise, that’s what I need to do! No more bread…

3) We have that new exercise ball, I could do those sit-up things for a bit.

4) Will sit-ups make my abs *poochy*? Cuz that would stink.

5) Does it matter? They’re poochy already…duh. Oh yeah. That stinks.

6) Can I look that up on Pinterest? Of course – you can find everything on Pinterest.

7)  “Exercises for abdomen muscles”

8) I hate all this ‘Thinspiration’ crap.

9) I really really hate all this ‘thinspiration’ crap. People need to not be so obsessed with their weight – this is ridiculous!  People think they’re fat if they aren’t a size two… it’s awful.

10) OHMYWORD that bread recipe looks AWESOME… I’m going to try it.

You have 10 minutes – what are you thinking?


10 Things I am Tempted to Do

1) Straighten things, such as; the canned food on the shelf at the grocery store, business cards on counters, flyers stacked on tables, hangers in the clothing department, pens in cups at the bank teller’s window. Always. It’s a habit. And people stare at me like I’m nuts or something, which I’m not. Just sayin’.

2) Throw Everything Away. I get into moods when the only thing that will soothe my fevered brain is a good toss-fest. Clutter – storage – other people’s personal belongings (not really) they’re all subject to being ruthlessly gone through and ‘trimmed’.

3) Leave bizarre notes for my boss… I nearly always give in to this guilty pleasure because I can’t resist picturing her face when she comes in the next morning and reads that I’ve fed the annoying customers to the gnomes who live under the building. I’m not sure she totally gets my sense of humor, which makes it all the more delicious.

4) Not match up my socks, I like to have them all helter-skelter in my drawer. It seems a little like I’m just asking for trouble, just picking fights with the dryer fates  to purposefully group something in pairs that we all KNOW end up as lonely singles in the end. There’s no way around it. Let’s get them used to being on their lonesome in the first place.

5) Delete my social life. Again, it’s a weird mood that comes over me when I feel over-stimulated and I want to just shut it all off and sit in a dark room to decompress. I think there is something to that – so many bloggers I know happen to also be slightly socially *challenged*, maybe we like the fact that we can turn all the blog social stuff off and walk away if we need to… I don’t know. We can socialize at will, on our turf, on our time. Intense bunch, I’ll say!

6) Ask strangers personal questions -even though I know it’s weird and rude and a little creepy. But I want to know… I want to know it all, their that’s why and how comes, where they’re from and where they hope to go. (Yes I said that in my best Bogart Voice)

7) Use way too many movie quotes in everyday conversation. I think it’s a homeschooler thing… The more obscure, the more British – the better.

8) Write intensely encouraging letters to no one in particular and leave them in a busy place for other people to find.

9) Eat Food. Always and everywhere and at all times.

10) Give up sleeping. Because I’m busy, you know?

Your turn – what tempts you? The latest best-selling novel? Chicken nuggets? Shoes? Let’s have  it – we’re friends here, spill….

I’m Falling for Ten

It’s almost September, you crazy people! Summer is almost over and I want to run through our not-so-crowded streets sounding the alarm. We need to soak it up Now- the heat – the swimming- the watermelon –

Do All The Summer Things While You Still Can!

And then again, we are getting all sorts of scandalously awesome Autumnal things in at work which has made me go gushy over Fall. I love Fall.

But I love Summer too. And I hate being cold. But I love sweaters. Sweaters are warm and you can’t be warm and cozy in the summer – that’s a Fall thing.

Welcome to my life as a human being who borders on having a multiple personality disorder when it comes to the seasons. I love all the seasons; I love to see them come and I love to see them go, always ready to move on to the next one. I would never survive in a place with no seasons.


10 Things I am Looking Forward to About Fall

1) Big Sweaters – because I love them. There is something infinitely attractive to me about being cozy and shapeless at the same time. My wardrobe is rather disproportionately made up of sweaters.

2) Bonfires – because who is crazy enough to go sit by a roaring blaze when it’s 900 degrees out and you’re under attack by a demonic squad of mosquitoes and other hideous summer bugs. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

3) Fall means it’s almost Christmas! (Not really, but kind of)

4) Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday forever and for always.

5) Leaf-peeping tourists. I love a good tourist! Last year I had my picture taken several times as a quaint ‘local’ – how fun is that? Where else can I, a random stranger, be considered a part of some British person’s vacation memories than in Vermont in Fall? And I love the accents, and the clueless driving (although it’s kind of dangerous) and the tour busses full of smartly dressed elderly people from Georgia who can’t understand the way Yankees talk…

6) My body tells me that it’s time to start eating heartier foods so that we can build up enough fat to survive the coming winter. Silly body, we don’t *need* to do that anymore – but let’s anyway, shall we?

7) Warm weather foods! Yay shepherd’s pie and beef stew and hot cocoa and pies. I don’t want to see another salad until May. I’m going to go bake scones and have some tea… ILOVESCONES.

8) Did I mention warm clothes? I talked about sweaters, but I really love all cold-weather clothing. I like being all covered up and warm.

9) The colors. The colors. The colors. I must say, the mountains have their own sort of fireworks display and it’s put on by the trees – the fall foliage is incredible. No wonder people from all over the world come here to see them.

10) Those gray, raw days when it rains and the streets are covered in leaves and everything feels pensive and a little bit sad and so you huddle up inside and drink tea and knit and listen to your favorite music or watch a good period drama. I love that.

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Why or why not?