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Sandy’s Special 10

According to the National Weather Service, we are in the path of  Hurricane Sandy (whom we affectionately call “Frankenstorm”).

If you are reading this, and it is Tuesday, I may be clinging to a bent-over tree in the backyard surrounded by flood waters.

Here are Ten Other Things I Might Be Doing During The Hurricane

1) Eating the remains of our ‘hurricane stash’ of Kashi cereal (just because it’s an emergency doesn’t mean we need to eat crappy stuff – I stocked up last week)

2) Rafting down Otter Creek on my Volvo accompanied by my handsome hubby and a banjo

3) Using the hurricane force winds to parasail my way West

4) Seeking higher ground

5) Cooking bear meat over a fire I made in the street wearing skins and dreadlocks because I’ve gone a day without a hot shower

6) Digging a community latrine in the backyard (because there’s no water)

7) Finally using that gorgeous hurricane lamp Mr. Brown gave us for a wedding present

8) Lighting All The Candles and eating the emergency chocolate reserves

9) Playing air guitar on our silent electric guitar

10) Knitting

7 thoughts on “Sandy’s Special 10

  1. Oh my word. I woke up this morning wondering how you fared the night. Right now we are having wind and rain/snow/sleet. Yuck. Thankfully the turkeys seem to be doing okay so far. It seems like we always have one nasty storm this time of year that we have to really watch so they stay dry. I’m voting that you sail west with the wind and come visit! 🙂 Or eating all the chocolate reserves by candle light. Hey, someone’s got to take care of it! Praying you all are hanging in there. Talk to you soon!

    • Oh, if only I could float west!! Glad your turkeys faired well 🙂 I remember the angst involved with big storms and livestock. It was much colder out there! It was in the 60s during the rain here!! I think the cold is coming though… eeeek!

  2. So, are you clinging onto a bent over tree?! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 See smiles are good for you!!, especially now that I know how to do them, thanks to Castle of Blue!!
    10 things to do during a possible hurricane?
    1. Well since we live in the North Country, what to get ready for is a given.
    2. Eating chocolate, yep, thats a great idea!! especially by candlelight
    3. Knitting, I don’t know how, so I guess that would have to be replaced by cuddling under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate that I warmed up over a sterno!
    4. I would probably also be trying to take pictures of the whole event, without getting my camera wet!
    5. I could just be sitting in the dark listening to Scott sing to me, maybe.
    6. Or I could sing and scare the storm away, now theres an idea
    7. I live on higher ground, so I could watch stuff float on by I suppose
    8. Shopping, now that would be fun, there wouldnt be many people doing that!! Except the crazy people that weren’t “ready”
    9. I probably would be making my Christmas cards by canlelight
    10. But seriously, I would definately be praying for those I know that are in its path, praying for God to protect them.
    I hope you didn’t have any problems, and I did pray for you!
    Have a great day!

    • Thank you for your prayers, we ended up being just fine. Knitting was the order of the day. I like your cards by candlelight idea… very picturesque 😉

      • Thanks, I am glad you made out fine for the storm, we didn’t have any problems either. I see your using a smiley face…good for you!! Have a great day 🙂

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