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a ten in the bucket

I hear a lot of people talking about their bucket-list.

Well, not being one to be willingly left out of a conversation, I want to talk about it too.

It was one of the things Alex and I first discussed when we started to court last year, “What’s your list?”

I guess you can learn a lot about a person by hearing what they want to do before they die, and I also suppose that he liked whatever it was I said because he answered, “Well, I’d like to do all those things too, with you.”


I also feel like I should mention that we have pretty tightly wrapped-up my bucket list, having done most of the things that were on it in the past year. True, I didn’t have anything really crazy like “skydive over the grand canyon”, but it’s still been a wild year of incredible happenings. Skinny dipping totally, absolutely and completely included.

I’ve had to write up a new list.

Here it is.

Babe – you getting this?


1) Go to the West. By plane, train or automobile, it doesn’t really matter. I just want to see West.

2) Have a baby. Yup. It’s on the list and now that I have a husband, we might actually be able to make that happen. Wowsers.

3) go to hear a symphony orchestra

4) learn to make pastry

5) whale watching

6) learn archery

7) learn to fly fish

8) write a book

9) try snowboarding

10) create a home-based business that actually works

Ok, so a little odd, slightly lame, I get it – but these are the things I want to do. I actually had a hard time coming up with this list because really, before I got married my secret bucket list was simply to find someone to share every day with, and now that I have that, my list remains just as simple; Live every day, sharing it with my best friend, perfect lover and husband. What better adventure could one ask for?

How about you? What’s on your List?

6 thoughts on “a ten in the bucket

  1. Bucket List, hmmm, lets see…..
    1. hey, I have fly fishing on mine too!!!!!!!!!!
    2. raise chickens
    3. find a way to sell my handmade cards
    4. see the Grand Canyon (but not by skydiving!!!)
    5. write a cook book
    6. have an amazing garden, where everything actually grows right
    7. learn to knit
    8. ride on a cruise ship
    9. go to the ocean and walk on beach barefoot at sunset with my favorite person, Scott, then………..
    10. and finally I would absolutely love to fly in a hot air balloon
    I totally agree with sharing everyday life with your best friend, lover and husband, is definately the greatest adventure. I feel the same way about my husband. We have adventures together all the time, simple, maybe boring to some, but wonderful times to us.
    You got me thinking, thanks, and have a great day!!!!

    • Hmmmm, awesome list! I especially like #5 (send me a copy, pretty please?) and #10 – you have more guts than I 😉 If you were closer I would gladly offer to teach you how to knit…

      • Thats so sweet, thank you, and if, sorry when, I write my cook book, You will be the first to have a copy!! (psst..no charge…shhh)!!! glad you liked my list. Are you feeling better yet? I have still been keeping you in my prayers. Have a great day!!!

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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