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A Tenfold Return

We’re back, ladies and gents, with the continuation of Tuesday’s List of Ten Things.

What will it be this week, eh?

How about a list of Ten Things I did on my “blog vacation week”?

1) I went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for glasses. You read that right (even though I couldn’t) I’m getting glasses. They say I don’t have to wear them *all* the time, just when I want to see… The doctor wasn’t very talkative, and I think it had something to do with the fact that on my ‘patient entrance exam’, in the space where you have to “describe what brings you to our office today”, I wrote… “It’s all so blurry.”  My husband, on the other hand, wrote something more correct and professional sounding and then mastered the art of putting in contacts On The First Try while the doctor and I looked on in breathless admiration. She was all grim business with me just because I jerked away and almost smacked her when she dropped the eye-numbing stuff into my eyes… which doesn’t numb until *after* it burns out the pupils in your eyes… but she giggled when Alex put his contacts in. No joke. I thought she was going to hug him. Just because he sat there like a statue during *his* eye numbing. Teacher’s pet.


2) I went grocery shopping

3) Alex and I both got a touch of the flu. Well, I had a touch of it, Alex kind of got gut-shot by it. The first half of the week I took care of him and the second half was his turn to take care of me. And boy – he really did! Have I ever mentioned what a sweet man I married? He cooked and cleaned and brought me hot chocolate the day I was absolutely OUT of it…. *sigh* I love him.

4)  I worked on the blog, getting posts scheduled for the rest of this month and wrote my column for the paper.

5) I knitted a custom order hat for a friend in Ohio – start to finish. Wowsers.

6) I watched an inordinate amount of Doctor Who episodes on Netflix the days I was sick. The scary thing is that when you have a slight fever – everything you see on T.V. seems Real. Very Real. I keep having flashbacks of things I didn’t really live through revolving around aliens and flying Police boxes and sonic screwdrivers.

7) I worked three afternoons.

8) I bought a ton of books at the Library’s end of the year book sale (yeehaw!) Is there anything better than a huge book sale? And then- a book sale where you can fill a plastic grocery bag with books For Only $3?! AND THEN – a book sale that also includes a section of relatively new Interweave Knitting Magazines?! I know, right?

How could I resist? I got a huge bag of books and knitting magazines for $3, it was euphoric.

9) I chatted with my cool brother-in-law in California. When he was out here visiting us, he accidently left one of his t-shirts here which I, the Queen of Cool T’s, quickly absconded. Now, every time I wear The Shirt, I have to send him a text message to let him know. I don’t know why- it just has to be done.

10) Alex and I went on a double date with a young courting couple from church. Let’s hear it now, “Awwwwww!”. It was so sweet! Well, first it was a little frustrating because we had to go to three separate restaurants before we found one that wasn’t mobbed and had a five hour waiting list. We started at this really hip sort of wood-fired oven pizza hangout place and ended up at a deserted Chinese eatery named “Magic Wok”. Too funny – but we had a great time. We talked about budgets and apartments and where everyone grew up and I asked some pushy questions about how serious everyone was (because I was just *dying* to know – – are there wedding bells to be heard?!? Since being married, I have turned into the biggest Mrs. Bennet that ever lived. My apologies to every single young lady in the tri-state area, but – I want all y’all married off. Enough of this loligagging and shananaginizing. Set a date, for pity’s sake! Ok, I’m done… stepping away…) No, really, it was sweet to see two people who couldn’t look at each other without melting a little bit. Reminds me of my man and I…

Ah, l’amour!


3 thoughts on “A Tenfold Return

  1. I heard about that double date. Glad you got to spend time with my Miss Hardt — I’m a fan of her, too! 🙂 Don’t push too hard… there’s plenty of time to figure out life’s plans 😛 … Of course, that comes from a girl who was anti-marriage for a good decade before dating and marrying a red-headed hunk in 9 months flat. Oh, dear!

    • Funny how that happens, isn’t it? When I was a young teen, I wanted nothing LESS than to be a wife! Look at me now – just call me wifey-dear 😉 God is so good to ‘bring us along’ as He needs to. It’s amazing what a little Divine Intervention (and a hunky fellow) can do for one’s life, eh?

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