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The Working Ten

We all have a lot of jobs that we must do in life, from teething to raising kids to putting away the dishes after dinner – there is always something to be done, some sort of work. It’s a good thing, it keep life moving in the right direction.

Here are Ten Jobs – all of which I have done at some point in my life.

1) Don’t let this pig through

2) Clean up that vomit

3) Milk these cows

4) Bring them fries

5) Sort these bolts – all of them

6) Lance her abscess

7) Pick the dead flowers off these 7,000 geraniums

8) Carry this knife

9) Walk to the end, turn and walk back. Smile.

10) Don’t overfill those donuts

Maybe you’ve been working on the railroad all the livelong day and want to talk about it… go ahead, it’s your turn to share some of the jobs you’ve had to do in life…

2 thoughts on “The Working Ten

  1. Hello, sorry I am a day late. Okay 10 jobs: These are home jobs as I dont work out anymore. I used to, I was a cashier, McDonalds Manager, keypunch operator, and a Christian school supervisor (not all at once of course!). Long past jobs, and a long story of why I cant and dont work now, but thats for another time. Anyway, heres 10 more recent jobs in my life.
    1. The dog did what? again!
    2. The same job twice, cause I dropped something
    3. clean the cat litter box (they go outside now!!!)
    4. clean the oven
    5. weed the garden and hurry!
    6. clean the overstuffed closet
    7. clean egg off the floor! so much fun
    8. clean the outdoor grill
    9. Clean the fans so they run better
    10. Right now I have been trying to tackle and rearrange my cupboards and dishes as I am trying to change our eating lifestyle and the kinds of dishes I use (like not using so much plastic for food, and sorting out and getting rid of food with all the preservatives and trying to go more organic, so right now, that is my job along with all the research I have been trying to do to do these changes for us to get healthy.
    Oh, by the way, the new doctor I saw Monday, is willing to help me with this and eventually I should be able to get off the last two meds I am on, He believes in good food choices instead of so much drugs, Thank God. Thanks for asking about it before. Have a great day.

    • Way to go! Looks like you keep yourself plenty busy 🙂 Glad to hear that your doctor is on the same page… it is frustrating when they aren’t!! We are doing the same sort of things lately, trying to buy even more organically and use even less plastic – it seems there is always something that can be weeded out! It’s so satisfying, though…

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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