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Ten Things I Think in Ten Minutes

1) Do I need to make bread?

2) I need to exercise, that’s what I need to do! No more bread…

3) We have that new exercise ball, I could do those sit-up things for a bit.

4) Will sit-ups make my abs *poochy*? Cuz that would stink.

5) Does it matter? They’re poochy already…duh. Oh yeah. That stinks.

6) Can I look that up on Pinterest? Of course – you can find everything on Pinterest.

7)  “Exercises for abdomen muscles”

8) I hate all this ‘Thinspiration’ crap.

9) I really really hate all this ‘thinspiration’ crap. People need to not be so obsessed with their weight – this is ridiculous!  People think they’re fat if they aren’t a size two… it’s awful.

10) OHMYWORD that bread recipe looks AWESOME… I’m going to try it.

You have 10 minutes – what are you thinking?


2 thoughts on “ConTENplations

  1. What I have going thru my mind in 10 min. okay, well here goes.
    1.I have to get so much done, I wish I knew what to start first.
    2.Dishes, they have to be done.
    3.Mom has an appt Friday, yardsales in Queensbury, maybe we can do that Fri. too.
    4.I want to make homemade stew tomorrow night, shoot, I better go get the meat out, be right back. Okay meats out.
    5.It has been a long week and a half.
    6.I really need to pray more, maybe I wouldnt get so messed up with stuff.
    7. i have to get the recipes copied from the cookbooks I got from the library soon, so I can take the books back.
    8.I hope the new doctor I am going to see next Monday will be better than the last one, they all want to put me on too many drugs and I am trying to get off my last two, I wish they would understand how I feel about it, I got off 14 meds in the last 2 years, and I want off the last 2. ugh, well
    9.I am so glad for my husband. He likes chocolate chip cookies, I have to make him some tomorrow if I dont forget again. He loved the homemade icecream I made the other day.
    10.I am glad Scott found ink online that will be here this weekend,
    11.I wonder if I have 10 things yet,
    12.I have to finish my building my music book before November 1,
    13.grocery list, I need a grocery list started.
    Okay, lets see if I have 10 things, I will go back and number them now. oops, 13, well it was 10 minutes long, I think!!! Number 11 doesnt have to count so that would be 12, I could combine 5 and 6, so that makes it 11 and I could combine 1 and 2, so there we have it 10 things!! interesting what goes thru a persons mind when doing this. Thanks for the enlightenment as well as the fun.

    • Oh, the places my mind can go in ten minutes! It’s a little scary 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and I hope you are able to straighten out your med situation… that’s pretty impressive!
      God bless,

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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