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Silent Tuesday of 11

Since September 11th falls on a Tuesday, I am not going to post the regular Ten Things.

My heart aches with those still dealing with the pain and loss of that tragic day which changed all of our lives. It is my prayer that God would work in the lives of those struggling and bring healing and hope. He is the God of All Comfort, a Faithful Creator who is near to the wounded and broken-hearted.

I think a lot of people wondered if God had forgotten us that day, if we had finally outrun His grace and mercy and this was some kind of terrible ‘proof’ that we were once and for all “out of bounds”.

I try not to be a preachy person, I don’t feel it is my personal duty to make every person believe as I do, or think as I do, or dress as I do, or feel as I do – but I know one thing, regardless of what I think or feel or do or what I see around me in the world – I know that God is Good. It’s not something I can fully understand when my eyes are clouded with the dust of the earth and my heart often chokes on the pain I see around me- but I know that all things work together for the good of those who trust Him, He makes something beautiful from the broken pieces, if only we give them to Him and let Him work. This is not something that is only true when disaster strikes. He is not a God who sits and waits for mortals to come crawling in sackcloth and ashes, He is in the details of every day life – in the glow good days as well as the dust of the bad – they are all the same to Him, midnight is as dawn to His all-seeing eyes. He is always working and it is always to bring His creation to a knowledge of Him and His lovingkindness.

If you have broken pieces today – from whatever cause, it is not too small or too great – I can assure you, there is One who is waiting to heal and comfort and bring good to you if you only give Him the pieces.

We see so little and we know even less – how can we not trust all to Him who holds All in the first place? We don’t understand, we don’t get it, we don’t see it – He does. And that right there is what has gotten me through my dark days, and there have been plenty of them. I am no more religious than the rest, but I know God and love Him and trust Him, and that makes all the difference in all the world.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep  you, dear readers!


One thought on “Silent Tuesday of 11

  1. Beautifully put, I agree with everything you have said and believe the same way. God is in control and will bless those who trust in Him. and love Him. I am remembering 9-11 today and praying with you for those families that lost loved ones and for our country to turn back to God. I shared your post on my blog this morning because your words touched my heart and I couldn’t have said this better. Thank you. God bless you for your heart for Him, Have a great day.

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