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10 Things I am Tempted to Do

1) Straighten things, such as; the canned food on the shelf at the grocery store, business cards on counters, flyers stacked on tables, hangers in the clothing department, pens in cups at the bank teller’s window. Always. It’s a habit. And people stare at me like I’m nuts or something, which I’m not. Just sayin’.

2) Throw Everything Away. I get into moods when the only thing that will soothe my fevered brain is a good toss-fest. Clutter – storage – other people’s personal belongings (not really) they’re all subject to being ruthlessly gone through and ‘trimmed’.

3) Leave bizarre notes for my boss… I nearly always give in to this guilty pleasure because I can’t resist picturing her face when she comes in the next morning and reads that I’ve fed the annoying customers to the gnomes who live under the building. I’m not sure she totally gets my sense of humor, which makes it all the more delicious.

4) Not match up my socks, I like to have them all helter-skelter in my drawer. It seems a little like I’m just asking for trouble, just picking fights with the dryer fates  to purposefully group something in pairs that we all KNOW end up as lonely singles in the end. There’s no way around it. Let’s get them used to being on their lonesome in the first place.

5) Delete my social life. Again, it’s a weird mood that comes over me when I feel over-stimulated and I want to just shut it all off and sit in a dark room to decompress. I think there is something to that – so many bloggers I know happen to also be slightly socially *challenged*, maybe we like the fact that we can turn all the blog social stuff off and walk away if we need to… I don’t know. We can socialize at will, on our turf, on our time. Intense bunch, I’ll say!

6) Ask strangers personal questions -even though I know it’s weird and rude and a little creepy. But I want to know… I want to know it all, their that’s why and how comes, where they’re from and where they hope to go. (Yes I said that in my best Bogart Voice)

7) Use way too many movie quotes in everyday conversation. I think it’s a homeschooler thing… The more obscure, the more British – the better.

8) Write intensely encouraging letters to no one in particular and leave them in a busy place for other people to find.

9) Eat Food. Always and everywhere and at all times.

10) Give up sleeping. Because I’m busy, you know?

Your turn – what tempts you? The latest best-selling novel? Chicken nuggets? Shoes? Let’s have  it – we’re friends here, spill….


2 thoughts on “TENptations

  1. WOW, I think we may be alot alike!!!! Numbers 1, 2, 4, 6, and 9, I can completely say the same things. I do those things too, For example, no. 1, I do the same things, I also straighten up the magazines in the racks. no. 2, I get in those moods to throw everything out, but if its someone elses, I deliver it to them and let them do it! no. 4, I think not matching my socks and having them all messed up together comes from being a teen and refusing to do it cause it drove my mom nuts, teens – what are ya gonna do with em’. no.6, I am always asking people questions, especially if I don’t know them, like today at the hospital while waiting for my mother in law to have a test, I overheard these two ladies having a conversation across from me, talking about remembering old stuff, out of nowhere, I asked one of them how old they were, cause she didn’t look old enough, no problem, people most always answer me (not sure what they think, but thats okay, I found out what I wanted to know!) and no. 9, I think most of us could say that!! Okay now lets see. 10 things that tempt me:(besides the above).
    1. ice cream, can never give up ice cream no matter how natural or organic that I am trying to eat. NEVER!!!!!!!
    2. corn on the cob, french fries (in the oven of course), NOTE: icecream, corn on the cob, and french fries are NOT considered eating, they are just a part of life!!!!!
    3. stay up too late watching Dr. Who (I noticed you like that show too!)
    4. wash my hair outside when it thunderstorms and rains hard
    5. talk to fast
    6. dunk my peanut butter sandwiches in milk still
    7. kind of like your no. 5, but I get tempted to stay away from everybody, in person, on line and otherwise, except my husband, I like to just hide out with him and not talk to anyone else, one of the things I really get tempted with is not answering the phone, I dont like talking on the phone, I prefer email, or skype, and like you said that would be on my time, when I want to answer. It is weird, but sometimes necessary, to keep the sanity…I guess, not sure exactly either how to put it into words, but I know where you are coming from.
    8. When I get an idea in my head of something I want to do, I tend to focus only on that until I can get it done, just to get it off my mind, but, that isn’t always a good thing, cause other stuff that needs to get done before that gets put off, then I don’t seem to accomplish anything.
    9. playing computer games, and being lazy, especially on Mondays after a long weekend, my weekends are busy.
    10. Did I mention ice cream, especially chocolate!????!!!!!
    Love your blog still, keep it up, it always makes my day, I really need to work on mine too, but haven’t taken the time lately, every time I read yours, I think of this, maybe I will soon. I really want to but, seem to run out of time. Have a great day!!!!!! Correna

    • Good Week to thee, my friend!
      Thank you for sharing – and I definitely think that we are very much alike 🙂 The only way I can get my blog done at all anymore is to get up at four am and work on two weeks’ worth of posts at a time. That way, I can forget about it for a while and just answer comments!
      I didn’t realize you were a Whovian!! That’s awesome. I want to do a Who inspired post now 😉 AND – I can completely relate to your #8. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten up out of bed to do something that was on my mind and couldn’t wait until the morning. I think it’s traces of OCD… oh boy.

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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