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I’m Falling for Ten

It’s almost September, you crazy people! Summer is almost over and I want to run through our not-so-crowded streets sounding the alarm. We need to soak it up Now- the heat – the swimming- the watermelon –

Do All The Summer Things While You Still Can!

And then again, we are getting all sorts of scandalously awesome Autumnal things in at work which has made me go gushy over Fall. I love Fall.

But I love Summer too. And I hate being cold. But I love sweaters. Sweaters are warm and you can’t be warm and cozy in the summer – that’s a Fall thing.

Welcome to my life as a human being who borders on having a multiple personality disorder when it comes to the seasons. I love all the seasons; I love to see them come and I love to see them go, always ready to move on to the next one. I would never survive in a place with no seasons.


10 Things I am Looking Forward to About Fall

1) Big Sweaters – because I love them. There is something infinitely attractive to me about being cozy and shapeless at the same time. My wardrobe is rather disproportionately made up of sweaters.

2) Bonfires – because who is crazy enough to go sit by a roaring blaze when it’s 900 degrees out and you’re under attack by a demonic squad of mosquitoes and other hideous summer bugs. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

3) Fall means it’s almost Christmas! (Not really, but kind of)

4) Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday forever and for always.

5) Leaf-peeping tourists. I love a good tourist! Last year I had my picture taken several times as a quaint ‘local’ – how fun is that? Where else can I, a random stranger, be considered a part of some British person’s vacation memories than in Vermont in Fall? And I love the accents, and the clueless driving (although it’s kind of dangerous) and the tour busses full of smartly dressed elderly people from Georgia who can’t understand the way Yankees talk…

6) My body tells me that it’s time to start eating heartier foods so that we can build up enough fat to survive the coming winter. Silly body, we don’t *need* to do that anymore – but let’s anyway, shall we?

7) Warm weather foods! Yay shepherd’s pie and beef stew and hot cocoa and pies. I don’t want to see another salad until May. I’m going to go bake scones and have some tea… ILOVESCONES.

8) Did I mention warm clothes? I talked about sweaters, but I really love all cold-weather clothing. I like being all covered up and warm.

9) The colors. The colors. The colors. I must say, the mountains have their own sort of fireworks display and it’s put on by the trees – the fall foliage is incredible. No wonder people from all over the world come here to see them.

10) Those gray, raw days when it rains and the streets are covered in leaves and everything feels pensive and a little bit sad and so you huddle up inside and drink tea and knit and listen to your favorite music or watch a good period drama. I love that.

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Why or why not?


8 thoughts on “I’m Falling for Ten

  1. I too am a fan of sweaters. But mainly I just don’t like the heat, so I’m very happy when fall comes along and breaks the heat and humidity. I love that crisp cool air. And I like stepping on crunchy leaves. Also, when fall is here, that means it’s almost grapefruit season, and I love grapefruit. And double amen on the fall/winter foods and beverages.

    • Oh, I wish I liked grapefruit. I’m kind of bummed that I don’t – it would be another thing I could like about fall… ah well.
      I like the smell of leaves once they’re not so crispy any more, after a good rain and the air is filled with their scent… mmmmmm.

  2. Good morning, I love the title “falling for ten”!!!!!! I have mixed feelings about fall, it is actually my second favorite season, but when fall gets here I know my least favorite season is on the way. I really do NOT like winter! I know, I know, I live in the wrong area to not like winter, but, I love the rest enough to stay. Okay, 10 things I look forward to about fall:
    1. Love to walk through the leaves
    2. Baking time!!!!!!!!
    3. Having family around at Thanksgiving
    4. The beautiful colors
    5. Harvest, there are so many good for you things to eat in the fall
    6. I seem to have more energy in the fall and get more things done
    7. Great sleeping weather
    8. The smell, I love the smell of fall
    9. The weather is still nice enough to do the things you didn’t get a chance to do in the summer
    10. Snuggling with my honey in front of an open fire.
    Well, thats a start! Have a great day!!! Correna

    • Good Sleeping Weather- Amen! A wonderful thing about fall ๐Ÿ™‚ I love being snuggled under the sheets, it’s something I miss when it’s 900 degrees out!
      Hope you have a fantastic week, my friend!

  3. I hated fall all my growing-up years, but I figured out that it was because I had to work all summer (summer vacation? People HAVE those?) and didn’t get to enjoy summer when I wanted to so badly. (Yes, I will admit it, I don’t actually love work.At least, not the kind of work I had to do then.) Nowdays though, I work through spring and get a long lazy (*snort*) summer so I get my fill of it. I love summer. But I love the feeling of summer winding down. I love the cool breezes I feel, I love how the crickets have a different song, and I love knowing that soon I won’t have to feel guilty on days when I’d really just rather stay inside. (It’s nice out, why are you indoors?? seems to be my family’s mantra… like there will never EVER be another warm sunny day and if you miss this one your life is doomed to dreariness forever more.) And I too LOVE sweaters. And I’m not sure why I feel I need to write you a book, when CLEARLY the button says ‘comment’. Shutting up.

    • But I like your bookish replies… and I can completely relate to the indoors guilt thing. I love a rainy day because it’s like, “OH! I need to stay inside and drink tea and knit… because!”
      Too funny!

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