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triple T

I love it when random cool things happen and you’re left standing in the middle of life for a moment with a smile on your face – just because.

Here are 10 Random Things that I thought were pretty cool:

1) Walking past a stranger on the street and being overwhelmed by the scent of their incredibly beautiful perfume.

2) Being sung to by a homeless man in downtown Portland, Maine

3) The person at the ice cream counter was super generous when dishing up our dessert

4) Borrowing someone’s big, ugly wool sweater that kept me dry in a soaking rain

5) Using my new salad spinner to spin the water off our grapes after I’d washed them

6) oil cloth table cloths

7) When I walk into the kitchen *Just* as the timer is going off and I feel really on top of things.

8) Final clearance sale at work and I spent my clothing allowance for the next five years on scandalously cheap hippy clothes. Yuppers.

9) Finding out halfway through my shift at work that I get to leave early.

10) When I wake up in the morning and my hair actually looks good enough from the day before that I don’t have to do it again. Yes, this does happen on occasion and when it does – boy is it cool! I hate fussing with my hair and when I get a two-for-one deal, I’m a happy camper…


Alright, I need to hear some cool things that happened to you this week – or has life been pretty boring and uneventful? If so, give us the list of the 10 most boring moments of the week…. we’re all anxious to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “triple T

  1. 10 Random things? this one is cool too, Okay here goes
    1. Going to the fair today and not telling ANYONE we were going, just my honey and me!!
    (PS. we had a great relaxing time)
    2. A little toad decided to take a bath in my cats water dish!!
    3. My husband plays the trumpet and he surprised me the other day and played while I made dinner!
    4. Having smores the other night in our fire pit
    5. Finding the tedious job of pitting cherries (which I had never done before) and making cherry cobbler for the first time and it actually turned out good…. satisfaction!
    6. Went to the store the other day looking for something specific, and found it in the last place I looked, wouldn’t you know it… the organic section, of course, I knew that too!!! so why did I wander around the store, I dunno..
    7. My husband put a new window in our back room, now I can see my veggie garden from inside!!!!!! Love this!
    8. Found out today where I could buy milk in glass jugs!
    9. Speaking of homeless people. I heard someone playing the drums using pots and pans and wooden spoons, on a street corner in Saratoga a couple of weeks ago, it was really neat.
    10. Random kisses and hugs from the love of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess thats about as cool as it gets in my corner of the world. Hope I made you smile! Have a great week. Correna

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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