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Ten Things on Tuesday

10 Things

That Make My Husband Smile

*as suggested by Correna*


1) Being tickled (he’s rather ticklish, but denies it vehemently)

2) Dinner time!

3) Kisses

4) Dancing

5) Getting home from work

6) When I make faces at him across the table, or…

7) When I try to look angry when I’m not really

8) The antics of little kids

9) Having his truck all clean

10) Watching YouTube videos of baby animals. Yup. We totally do this for entertainment on our mornings off. Our favorites involve baby goats or Harry, the infant pygmy hippo. So Cute.

So, after you go and watch the adorable hippo Harry, come back and tell me what makes your true love smile – –


2 thoughts on “Ten Things on Tuesday

  1. Hello, Thanks for thinking of me!! Okay, 10 things that make my husband smile.
    1. He says, when I smile it makes him smile
    2. when I say something stupid, he doesnt make fun or say anything, he just smiles
    3. I am rather blunt when I speak, so when I tell someone like it is, he smiles
    4. when I make a mess with flour when baking.
    5. When I tell him I love him
    6. When he sees humingbirds playing in the bushes
    7. Whenever I take his picture
    8. watching the cats play
    9. canoeing
    10. And yes he smiled at Harry the pigmy hippo! He loves stuff like that too!
    Hope you have a great day and keep making your true love smile!

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