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step into my confessional


As most of you probably remember, in last week’s 10 Things I declared my intention to cut fried foods and caffeine completely out of my diet.

(And I still feel a little creepy every time I write it, like – who am I kidding?)

I have good reasons to make such a commitment, really good reasons – excellent reasons. Super-Duper reasons.


As most of you probably *don’t* know, this past week was fair week here in my corner of the Green Mountain State, and being the good locals that we are, my husband and I went to said fair, accompanied by my lovely mom-in-law, Elaine.

Elaine, Alex and I trooped off to the show where we were accosted by the glories of Stormy the Dancing Pony, Rosie’s Fabulous Racing Pigs, and every sort of 4H project imaginable. And of course, the roadway was positively punctuated with fried food fiends sent from hell to destroy us all. Or, at least to destroy me.

Me, who suddenly felt compelled to start with my no fried foods commitment *tomorrow*. Because really – what’s a fair without fried foods?

I ate french fries and then I ate too much of a beautiful blooming onion and got high on whatever heavenly sauce they serve with it. HIGH, I say. It was amazing. Alex, good soul that he is, didn’t partake of anything deep fried (though I tried to talk him into a deep-fried Snickers Bar) but he did enjoy some really good ribs (I enjoyed them too…) while Elaine dove to the depths with me and shared the blooming onion and the euphoria that followed.

Oh my.

I didn’t get sick, or struck by lightning, but I felt I needed to come and confess to my gentle readership that if I were forced to take some sort of a ‘fried food drug test’, I would fail, and miserably. But – this is a new week, another chance and I am determined to do it justice. And just to try and wipe a little of the black smudge off my good name, I will say that for breakfast the next day I had decaf herbal tea instead of coffee. Yes, yes I did. And we can be very proud of that.

The End.



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"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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