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10 Things on Tuesday

…no, this isn’t me…

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for coming to this week’s smashing edition of 10 Things Tuesdays. We (El’Blog and I) appreciate your continued support and ardent admiration.

*cue polite applause*

10 Goals

1) To continue on with my meal planning efforts until I am actually able to do it.

As I have often heard Mr. Darcy himself say, “I WILL conquer this.”

2) Make all of our own cleaning products and be using them by the new year. And I mean ALL, people. Laundry detergent to hand wash – I wanna make it ALL. Have any good recipes to share?

3) Join the yoga class in town. Yeah, it’s not like I’ve been trying to do this for the past three months or anything…

4) Actually sell things on Etsy.

5) Learn how to put in a zipper. Oooooooooo.

6) Be less of a hermit and work on developing relationships with the people in my actual geographical location; fellow townsmen, church folk, store clerks, random citizens – face to face contacts – like a real human being.

7) Enter the Holiday Season with a PLAN. As shocking as this will be to *most* of the people who know me, I am actually planning out Christmas *now* because I don’t want to be caught unawares. I’m making lists and checking them twice, researching prices and developing a strategy. I feel so corporate. Everybody gets a card. Everybody.

8) Cut out caffeine and fried foods. ACK – the horror, THE HORROR!

9) Read more. Because I am becoming shamefully illiterate. Ugh.

10) Dance more with my husband. Because I get so fiercely involved with all my goaling that I sometimes forget to Dance. And that’s a real shame.

So there you are, speak to me.
Tell me of all your hopes and dreams and goals and how you clean an oven without that god-awful toxic spray they sell at Wal*Mart…


6 thoughts on “10 Things on Tuesday

  1. Marvelous list! I make our laundry soap and use white vinegar with essential oils as the fabric softener. Use a lot of baking soda and vinegar for general cleaning. Let me know if you ever find the solution to a toxic free clean oven though. I haven’t found it yet…

  2. I’ve got the meal planning down to a science after years of practice. I too have the binder system though I have a problem called “print every recipe I see that seems even mildly interesting even though I know I have no intention of ever making it” which leads to many sheets of paper that never get binder status and ultimately sit in a pile in my kitchen. Throughout the week I collect things I have printed off or select a cookbook (usually something I have gotten from the library) and pick seven things that I want to make for dinner plus some breakfasts and misc. baked goods, write down everything I need and go shopping, presto, meals planned for the week! Once I have gone shopping I decide what day I will make what based on what ingredients need to be used first. Every evening I check to see what’s next on the list and get anything ready, like soaking beans, for the next day and make a little list of anything else that needs to be done to following day, like marinating or something and that’s it. I even keep a “dinner diary” where I write down what we had, where the recipe came from (cookbook, magazine, website…) and if anyone liked it or not. Sometimes if I’m stuck for ideas I just pick things from there that we all liked.
    For all my hippy dippy ways the one thing I can’t give up is bleach! It makes me so ill and I have to breathe through a towel whenever I use it but we have such funk in our shower I just can’t fathom nature could come up with remedy for that bathroom! As for my oven, I just don’t clean it!
    I go for long periods without reading anything then go on reading binges where I can’t stop, I am on such a binge now reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, great book so far…
    This concludes my long winded comment, I really do love your lists by the way…

    • Oh, I love your long-winded comment! 🙂 Your meal planning strategy sounds positively BRILLIANT. Brilliant, I say – and something I could easily do. You’re making my rusty brain wheel smoke, lady! Thank you ever so much for sharing, I am one large step closer to my goal…

  3. Ten things Tuesdays.
    You sure I can only write 10 things? It seems there are so many things I want to do and plan to do, but don’t have enough time. Well here goes:
    1. Put all my recipes in the note books I started
    2. Plan a bigger garden for next year
    3. Learn to make jam
    4. Finish learning how to get off processed foods, changed a lot of things, but still want to end up eating nothing boxed, store canned or processed at all.
    5. Finish all my Christmas cards early this year. I make all my own cards, for all occasions.
    6. Take more time to just enjoy my life and where I live. I am too uptight most of the time and need to learn to destress for my health too.
    7. Actually write more on my own blog and take time for it.
    8. Learn more about natural healing
    9. Get my house in better order
    10. Read more, listen to music more, excercise more, love more, listen more, cook more, dance more, learn yoga, laugh more, just be more, OOOOH you said 10 things, okay, I guess I have to stop now.
    Again, thanks for your blog, Hope you have a great day, oh, sorry I don’t know anything about natural cleaning products at all, would love to learn tho. But for now I dont know any.

  4. We make our own laundry detergent, mom seems to like it quite well, but I will warn you that dad complains it doesn’t get the ‘stink’ out of his shirts. She ignores him. Ah, older married couples. Anyhoo, I can ask my sister for the recipe to pass on if you’d like.
    Also, I don’t know if I’m crazy but the only thing I ever use to clean our oven is baking soda. I try to get smart in the first place, and put a baking sheet under my pies because I KNOW they will boil over, and that saves me the work of scraping fruit-goo off the bottom of the oven. When something does cook to the bottom though, I will wait til the oven is cool enough to not singe myself, scrape whatever is loose, wash off as much with a soapy dish rag as I can, then make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub whatever’s left off. Maybe leave it to soak for a few minutes first. But that’s it.

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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