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10 things I do

I think that we, the people, should write a song about Tuesday… any ideas?


10 Stupid Things I Do


1) Stand up too quick, even though I know what happens there after – I usually temporarily pass out due to my low blood pressure. It isn’t life-threatening or dangerous, just stupid and annoying and I do it All The Time.

2) Count the telephone poles as we drive past them. Yup. I also count to the beat of the windshield wipers if it’s raining. No, that’s not weird at all.

3) Use the purple potholder – even though I know it has little holes in it and I WILL burn my hand. Do I remove it from the pile? Nope. Just keep using it –

just keep on using it.

4) Hit the little HOME button on the bottom of my iPod when I mean to hit the BACK button and I accidentally exit from whatever it was I was doing. Annoying.

5) Mix up dates. Always. Just last week I found myself sitting outside next to the road with my overnight bag, waiting for 50 minutes for the ride that wasn’t going to come because the wedding was NEXT week. NEXT week. Take your bags and go back inside, Ann. Now. Just go.

6) Take that first sip of boiling hot coffee from those stupid take-out cup covers that funnel the burning liquid onto your lips. Ouch. It hurts every time, for a long time.

7) Overestimate the time it takes for me to ride my bike to work. On a bike, it takes exactly 1 minute to get to my work. 1 minute. 60 seconds. Then why do I usually leave a good 20 minutes early? In case I hit traffic on the sidewalk going down? In case I develop a cramp and have to walk the last 10 feet? It makes no sense.

8) Go to bed late. Get up early. Drink coffee. Don’t nap. Just keep going.

9) Obsess about my weight. It’s a dumb thing, and I do it all too often, like – almost every time I eat or get dressed in the morning. I need to just get over it, right? It’s that evil comfort zone in my mind whenever I’m stressing or upset about anything else, I take it out on my weight. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

10) After 9 Stupid things, aren’t you ready for something a little less demoralizing?

What’s something Not Stupid that I do?

I write this blog for a bunch of pretty cool people that have come from all corners of the Internet Void and decided to share a bit of translucent, web-like life with one such as I, even though I do Dumb things.

It’s your turn.

Ever done anything Dumb?


7 thoughts on “10 things I do

  1. Oh boy, this ones gonna be fun. Are you sure its only 10 things we have to write?!!!! First the song; Entitled
    “Tuesdays are for 10 things”.
    Tuesdays are for 10 things,
    not for 9 or 3 or 2 but 10,
    We must think, and think and think,
    Cause Tuesdays are for 10 things.

    Tuesdays are for 10 things,
    You may not like or love them,
    but still you will write them,
    Cause Tuesdays are for 10 things.

    Tuesdays are for 10 things,
    You may get excited
    and want to write more,
    Cause Tuesdays are for 10 things.

    Tuesdays are for 10 things,
    So write and write and write,
    to brighten up the day,
    Cause Tuesdays are for 10 things.
    The End

    Okay, here goes the 10 stupid things I do:
    1. the song above is silly
    2. I am constantly getting up from the computer with my reading glasses on and not changing them back to my regular glasses. Cant walk around with reading glasses on everything is weird..
    3. I always forget to turn the cold water on in the bathroom first before I turn the hot water on after someone has been in there. We have really hot water and my skin is sensitive.
    4. Answer the phone even tho I have caller Id and see that the number is a telemarketer
    5. Forget to take my meds
    6. Do a load of laundry, get busy and forget to hang it out.
    7. Staying up to late watching movies when I have to get up in the morning
    8.Sometimes I jump to conclusions before knowing all the facts.
    9. Not taking a break when I get too hot
    10. And the one thing I do that is not stupid is taking time to read this blog everyday!! Thanks for taking the time to write it. Have a great Day. Correna

  2. I have done many dumb things similar to yours, plus many others. I also always pour myself a glass of juice or cup of coffee or whatever, and then forget to bring it with me so it just sits there in the kitchen getting cold/warm.

    • Ah so. Forgetting to bring one’s cup with one is indeed rather *silly* (stifles an evil snicker) Glad *I* never do anything like *THAT*…

  3. Oh my, Ann–you had me giggling all the way through this post! Especially the one about riding your bike to work 🙂 And I can relate with the one of the potholder…we have some potholders that must be related to your purple one, and we don’t seem too anxious to retire them either–for some strange reason 🙂

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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