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eavesdropping on one man’s objections

You making supper?”

“Oh yeah, as I’m talking…”

“Whatcha fixing?”

“Um, we’re having curried veggies with rice and lentils.”


“And… watermelon…”


“And what!? That’s it.”

“That’s all you’re making for your man to eat?”

“Yeah -”

“Where’s the sustenance? Where’s the MEAT? That’s ALL you’re making?”

“Now Tom…”

“No, no, no – what about a big steak?”

“Um… no? Tom, he doesn’t eat like people do back home. He’s Greek. He’s healthy.”

“Healthy! Meat- that’s healthy! Potatoes, ribs, corn on the cob- fix him up some good food for god’s sake! I’m your Uncle Tom, I know.”

“I AM.”

“Rice and beans? Really? That’s all? I don’t like it.”

“Well I’m cooking to please my man, not you, aren’t I?!”

“Yeah, but you have to feed him right.”

“Listen here, what are you making for your supper?”

“Tacos, my lady is coming over later for tacos. “

“Oh – and that’s right hearty I suppose! Where’s the sustenance in *that*?”

“There’s beef. And corn.”

“And corn’s just about the healthiest thing there is….”

“It is – why do you think we grow so much of it?!”

“You’re impossible.”

“And you’re stubborn.”

“Point made.”

“Your husband up yet?”

“He’s up now, what with all this yelling at you I’ve been doing… there isn’t a person on earth can rile me up faster than you, you know that, right?”

“Is your food ready?”

“And on the table…”

“Well go eat it then. I love ya. Keep praying for rain.”

“Love you too, Thomas J. I will.”

Let’s all pray for rain. My home county is drying up and getting ready to blow away. They haven’t had a good rain in a couple of months and the land, as well as the people, are suffering from it. Tom said he was doing his rain dance, but didn’t think he had the right shoes on or something because it just isn’t working…


“…you take that picture, sweetheart, before I let someone have it…”
Uncle Tom


5 thoughts on “eavesdropping on one man’s objections

  1. This made me smile! So true. Every meal I think about revolves around what kind of meat I’m going to use! And don’t forget those starches. 🙂 Thanks for the prayers…we all are in need of a good rain. We got about a half inch here this morning, which is much appreciated, but in the whole scheme of things doesn’t do a whole lot. Crazy times…

  2. It’s kind of scar how much of the country is in drought right now! So thankful for the rain we’ve had the past week. And just tell him next time that meat= protein and lentils = protein, so you’re all set. 😉

  3. tis true my children, that MEAT is the only way to keep oneself in the true form of homosapian meateaters that we are . I do take a great fearsom picture, dont I .

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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