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in which Tuesday shares its 10 Things

Hello –

My Name is Tuesday, and these are my 10 Things.

10 Things that caused me to thank my God in the last week

1) Finding the bag that had our phone chargers in it after thinking that I had left it seven hours away in a remote cabin on the northern coast of Maine. I *had* packed it, I *wasn’t* losing my mind, it *was* there the whole time.

2) Being able to board a sailboat for the first time in front of well-seasoned sailors *without* falling overboard, tearing the sails, sinking it or otherwise ruining the experience for all. I did manage to somehow break the ramp down to the dock  – but that’s another story.

3) Coffee. Free, complimentary coffee in the hotel room – my favorite kind.

4) Seeing my husband surrounded by his peers and thinking – “Wow- he picked me. He picked ME out of all these people… Thank you, Father… that one’s *Mine*!”

5) Getting the chance to talk to my mom and brother on the phone.

6) None of our plants perished while we were away…

7) Showering, and not just any old ‘I do this every morning and it’s no big deal’ shower – but a shower after having *not* showered, when one is caked with ocean salt and sweat and the residue of various sea creatures. It’s miraculous.

8) I borrowed a bike at the hotel, procured a map and proceeded to bike my way

– alone –

into the tourist-thick midsts of Boothbay Harbor, 2 miles away up hill and down dale. Without dying. Or getting terribly Lost. Or getting abducted. Or falling into the sea. Or losing strength and fainting along the way.

9) Being surrounded by the love of my inlaws.

10) Every morning for the past week I’ve been able to have long devotion hours outside by the sea. Alex and I have spent several hours just reading the Bible and talking about it in between naps and walks and kisses – what a blessing – what a treasure. We had time.

TIME – it’s a gift, people. Be Thankful.

What has got your heart singing its thanksgiving song this week?


7 thoughts on “in which Tuesday shares its 10 Things

  1. This post was lovely! My sister was just telling me about a book called 1000 Gifts, which encourages you to really see and appreciate the small blessings God has given us in every thing.

    • I try… I try… I’ve seen other blogger do 30 Days of Praise or some such thing where they take a month and everyday write something that they’re thankful for… Alex and I are keeping a jar that we are filling with scraps of paper with Good Things written on them and come New Years Eve, we’re going to go through and read our year’s worth of God’s goodness 🙂

  2. 1. I have a lot of trouble with the heat so I was thankful my husband got our airconditioners all running good.
    2. We had a beautiful sunset this past week, I thanked God for His beauty
    3. I was thankful we were able to get our props for VBS done just in time, it was a rough week but we were able to get it done with God’s help. Know anyone who needs a train for VBS, our theme is Sonlight Express?
    4. I was thankful when I found the right size shirt that I needed for VBS because the one I had was the wrong size and it had to be black to put the decals on, I found it Saturday afternoon, needed it Sunday!!
    5. I am thankful that my husband is so patient, cause I have been miserable lately.
    6. I was thankful God provided something extra that we needed.
    7. I am thankful for our well water, and little things like that we take for granted sometimes.
    8. I am thankful for our neighbors, who are christians as well, they are caring people who helped Scott this past week.
    9. I have a friend who helps keep me sane and I am thankful for her.
    10. I am also thankful for this blog and your writings. Thank you

    • Dear one, I’m sorry you’ve been *miserable*, but am thankful with you that your hubs is such a sweet heart. God is good, is He not? Thank you so much for sharing your ten things, I was hoping you would – I love it. Hang in there…

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