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the truth is

As of 7:30 this morning, I am officially back from our glorious vacation in Maine.

Back, I say, seven pounds heavier (she modestly admits, with a charming blush), my chin sprouting a small crop of delightful little black hairs, and a tan as deep as a Thanksgiving turkey’s. *sigh*

This *is* the life.

But we now return to our normal programing and I have laundry on my mind.

We traveled up to Maine to attend Alex’s best friend’s wedding (he was the best man) in Boothbay Harbor. It was incredible. Incredible.

We stayed at an oceanside resort complete with all the complimentary bottle water we could bear and a mysterious grounds keeper with a thick accent who appeared to be everywhere and anywhere all at once. Oh my. The wedding was grand, Alex was breathtaking in his steel-gray tuxedo, we went sailing and biking and ate WAY too much food (of course) and danced and sang and made new, bacon-loving friends and it was just lovely. I loved every moment.

Then, after the bride and groom sailed away on their boat, we packed our bags and headed further up the coast to spend a few days at Alex’s dad’s cabin. Quite the change from our first days at Spruce Point Inn, The A-Frame has no running water or electricity and is seated right on the rocks, facing a very wild, very open ocean. The weather was perfect for boating and exploring the empty neighboring islands and we even donned wet suits and took a dip in the briny deep where the icy Atlantic proceeded to almost give me a heart-attack. How do the seals do it? Even with my extra pounds I nearly froze to death… in a good way. It was invigorating and I managed to impress my swarthy father-in-law, not an easy feat to pull off.

We had s’mores and too much lobster (if I say, “Oh yes, let’s have *lobster*…” anytime in the next two years, someone please slap me.) which we bought off the dock from the lobstermen my husband used to work with, and not much else. Marshmellows – lobsters – sounds like a complete diet, right? I think I had potato chips, too, and one very muddy clam. Yum.

So here we are, working our way back into civilization and everything seems so close and loud. And I miss the seals. It’s like a drug, that ocean air – I’ll spend the next few days getting over it and becoming reacquainted with real life, but it will stay in the far corner of my mind- when can we go back??


4 thoughts on “the truth is

  1. I love the way you write, you make it so real that I can just picture it all in my mind as if I went too. Thanks for that! Have a great getting back to life day! Correna

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