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husband chic

My husband has a Harley.

**which is incredibly Hot**

Does that make *me* cool? No. I was wishing a little of the hard-core-ness would wear off on me, but no such luck.

HOWEVER – I was able to abscond one of my dear one’s old Harley Ts and ‘refashion’ it into something at least semi-cool for the summer. I can try, can’t I?

Are you ready for a post with too many pictures of my chunky self? Focus on the T, people, focus… Sorry about the crappy quality – until I get the money to higher a professional photographer, you will be made to suffer through the products of my iPod camera.

It started out a man’s t-shirt. I changed that.


Talk about Biker Chic…


Aha. Ruching is something new to me. Thanks to thelittle boutique I’m working at (everybody snicker now…) I have gotten quite the eye for fashionable details on clothing. I’ve also got an eyeful of price tags as well, and I’ve determined that I have to just buck up and do the detailing myself. The End.

Anyway -ruching. Done in five minutes with two equal lengths of thin elastic, purchased for about $.07 at the sewing supply store. Wowsers – though you’d be hard pressed to prove it using pictures of me, the slight gathering at the sides of an otherwise straight garment really improves the look!


… now for the really complicated part. I cut out the neck band and hem…


sewed a smaller length of elastic to the shoulder to tighten it up a bit (and, I really like ruching…)


Cut the sleeves so that they are now ‘cap’ styled. I used another shirt as a pattern.

Why didn’t I ever hear about cap sleeves before? They’re a revelation to me and had to be included in this project.


Viola. Me looking as hip as I can manage, including my favorite fashion *detail* – bright red nails.

In the end, it was absurdly easy for me to do this and only took about half an hour. Total cost? Well, the shirt was free, the elastic was 7-10 cents and my time is just not that hot a commodity. Compare that, if you will, to the granola looking tops in the store, adorned with their $50 price tag.

There will be more of this sort of thing happening around here…


2 thoughts on “husband chic

  1. So… how does one ‘runch’? ‘Cause I’ve converted a number of work shirts to feminine-form, creating much the same look but by actually cuttings tabs and tying them all up the sides, and it takes more like an hour and you have small holes all up the sides. Which is fine as long as it doesn’t end up TOO tight. I like the results you got here, so I want details!

    • I think we should spend some time in intelligent discussion concerning the proper tensing of the word “Ruche”. Do you “ruche”? Have you “runched”? Will the “rouching” fall out?
      I don’t know.
      Anywho. I measure out the space I want runched and then cut half that length in elastic. Secure the elastic to the fabric by means of running the machine over it a few times, then stretch the elastic over the length of fabric and sew it on – stretched out. The fabric doesn’t get stretched, only the elastic. This is tricky, because you have to kind of pull from both sides in order for it to work, stretching the elastic on one side, matching it to the seam (or whatever) and pulling it through from the back at the same time. I had to set my stitch so that it was longer than usual and then practice once or twice to get it right, but once your hands know what they’re doing you’ll be The Ruching Masteress in no time. No time at all… I see lots of gentle ruffling in your future…
      Happy Ruching!

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