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10 Things Tuesday #3

Is it Tuesday – already?

It’s almost like each week has one… crazy.

Alright – 10 Things…. 10 things… 10 Things.

If I had to pick the only 10 posts you read on this blog, this would be them…

1) My Favorite Poem and a picture of a catfish I think would make an awesome tattoo… just sayin’.

2) 23 Things like… I’m afraid of dragons, and other winged things.

3) The Day After I Got Married I bought everyone free coffee at work.

4) The Day After the Day After I got Married  I didn’t sleep a whole awful lot.

5) The Recovery from Bondage  It’s still ending, the chains are still falling

6) The Best Memory I have of My Pirate Father

7) One Month Married and I’ve already stolen all of his clothes…

8) The Very Little We Know and how I literally almost moved away from my future husband… like a moron!

9) Getting Used to Being A Cop’s Wife

10) It Was The End Of Happily Ever After as We Know It. 

It’s all you – you have my complete attention- what do you want me to read? I promise to visit AND comment ( ooolala) anyone who sends me any link to a post or blog they want to share with the class.

Please do.


"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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