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if you are reading this

it’s because I’ve gone away on my six-month wedding anniversary.

Yup. Six months. Wowsers.

To think that six months ago that handsome young man walked up to me and said, in a bit of a fluster, “I was able to get half a day off tomorrow- so if you want, we can go get married. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at 11:00.”

So I went and packed my little gray suitcase, toothbrush and all, and waited. In 24 hours, my life was going to change as it never had before.

Life happens fast, eh?

I don’t think I will ever forget the hours that followed.  I got ready for bed that night and kept thinking – “this is my last night as a single person – tomorrow evening I am going to be married.” What an incredible thing – it makes my heart stop even now to think back on it – which, life has been so full and fast since then I haven’t really stopped and looked hard at that night. I felt so sure, so quiet inside – everything in my world had tumbled and crumbled around me in the previous two weeks until I wasn’t sure of the ground beneath my feet – but I was sure about Alex.

I spent nearly the entire night writing and listening to my hodge-podge of music. When I had first really known that Alex was ‘The One’ for me, I had started writing every night in a notebook – anything and everything I have ever wanted to say to the man I was going to someday marry. It was my plan to give it to him on our wedding day. I searched through old journals looking for things I had written about ‘him’ and collected them- years of thinking and dreaming and praying and waiting all in one little volume. The book was half-full by that night and I wrote like crazy – it just poured out of me. You would think that as much talking as we did I wouldn’t have anything left to say, but I did.

All the years of wondering what would occupy me the night before my wedding, I always assumed I would be primping and organizing and making sure my eyebrows were plucked just right. Instead I was camped out like a refugee at a neighbor’s home, a handful of outfits in piles on the floor, my suitcase propped up as a make-shift dresser at the end of the bed. There was nothing to organize – nothing to settle – nothing to prep or primp. The white linen fabric we had bought for me to make a wedding dress sat untouched on the little desk in the room. Suddenly, my eyebrows didn’t really matter. All I had to do was walk out the door and into a totally new life.

I got up extra early and decided to work on the dress, see if I could somehow manage to make it up in time. I showered and put the music on loud- my friends who owned the home had headed off to work – and started to cut.  While I worked on it, I called a couple close friends and told them the news. It was a simple pattern, but 11:00 rolled around before the second sleeve was sewn on. It got thrown into a shopping bag and into Alex’s truck, maybe I’d get some time to work on it before we actually got married.

Not really.

Everything seemed really slow and busy at the same time after Alex picked me up. We listened to music, didn’t say an awful lot. When we got to his mom’s house, there were several things that needed to be done – we had to get a license, find a place to get married and see if the JP would even have the time to do it.

The rest of this story is recorded somewhere in the archives of this blog – the JP *was* able to marry us, so all we had to do was go home and wait for 6:30 to roll around. Alex got his hair cut – by me, the terrified bride – and then we had a dance or two in his mom’s kitchen, Pandora’s Wedding station playing sweet old love songs in the background. How incredible.

It wasn’t what any of us had originally planned – but it was perfect in so many ways. I just wanted to be with him, my whole soul rejoiced that I was never going to have to see him head off to his home again- without me 🙂

So then, it’s been six months, and I still go to sleep some nights thinking, “I’m married… to Alex!”

It certainly hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but it *has* been the Best, and I love him more now than I did at the start.

And I hope you’re ready to hear me say that again after the next six months has passed, because as far as I can tell – that’s exactly the way it’s going to be!!

So, dear reader, I am off somewhere in Maine celebrating with my man 🙂  And someday I am going to finish my wedding dress!!!

Enjoy your week…



6 thoughts on “if you are reading this

  1. Sweet story, I have been married 12 years and I still feel much like you do after 6 months, I have not had much luck in my life in many areas except for the one that matters the most, finding “the one” and for that I am so, so grateful. I hope you have a great anniversary trip!

    • I’m so glad to hear that you are happy with your ‘One’! I am so thankful for Alex and our Love and can’t wait for the next six months… years… decades…

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