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…and it CHANGED me…

The Monstrous Carrot Cake Cupcakes threatened to destroy my life – this Delightful Carrot Cake promised to change it.

After a few hours of sober reflection and despondency, I moved on.

I searched until I found this recipe for “Just Carrot Carrot Cake”. I knew we had a winner after reading the ingredients. A carrot cake I could serve to my husband- who doesn’t like raisins. Not only that, but it is shockingly low in fat compared to every other carrot cake recipe out there, ridiculously easy to make and it uses a ton of egg whites, giving it a very clean, bouncy sort of texture and a whole lot of protein.

“It’s practically health food.” We said as we ate our third and four servings… Practically.

I served large pieces of it to the ladies who have an antique shop below our apartment and then was obliged to pass the recipe on to them, just as I am doing for you.

I am not sure if Brooke is still blogging over at, “I Wanna Talk About Me”, but I will be forever grateful to her for sharing this fantastic recipe with the world… Here’s the link

The frosting shown above is not hers, it is my own adulterated version of cream cheese frosting which my husband and I have found great joy in eating by the spoonful. Notice the disproportional amount of frosting on that little piece of cake? Oops. There is no recipe because I just made it up – but I suppose the only difference between mine and everyone else’s is that I flavored mine with a little ginger. Yum.

Now go- be happy, be healthy, eat cake!



"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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