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Murders, Flashbacks, Fences and Micro Greens

Hot Quinoa Cereal for breakfast, Lovelies and Gents, and the sourdough starter sits on the stove, waiting to be named.


Here it is on Day Two – it bubbled up an astonishing amount and had to be swiftly stirred back into a liquid state WITH A WOODEN SPOON. I realized that the problem with the last starter was that it had been murdered, by me, with a metal spoon. Oops.


And so, I made a note…

Oh my. I will try extra hard NOT to murder this one, especially after it has been named.

Today’s agenda includes putting up a rabbit proof fence around our little garden out back (rabbits seem to be awfully fond of our beets…) and eating BLTs using the micro greens we harvested by thinning the lettuce yesterday. Itty-bitty little lettuce leaves – they’re so cute!

I think everyone in Vermont had a little PTSD yesterday during the afternoon thunderstorms that popped up and were more than just a little terrifying. Alex and I were trying to leave the home improvement store (where we were buying the rabbit fence) during the hardest rain – it was dumping down in great sheets of water. We both thought the same thing -“Irene”. Last fall’s hurricane ended well for us personally, but it really was a tragic time for many New Englanders. The rain fell so hard and so fast it was pooling on the roads and the storms drains were shooting water *out* of them like five-foot tall fountains in the city streets – it was eerie.

We made it through though, and had a nice date where we had the best tasting calzone and then watched a movie at the theater. Remind me to make calzones sometime…

Anyway – onward! There’s a fence waiting to be put up, breakfast to be eaten and uniforms to be ironed…

Any more suggestions for names???

Have a good one, y’all!




4 thoughts on “Murders, Flashbacks, Fences and Micro Greens

    • Oh no, I name everything 🙂 And I think the argument could be held that a sourdough starter isn’t completely inanimate… I mean – it has to be fed and moved and kept warm – sounds pretty animate to me! 😉

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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