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sourdough: take 2

I made a loverly  loaf of ‘sourdough’ bread, and by the way it disappeared I assume it tasted decently  – but it wasn’t sour enough to suit me.

I need the tang. I need it.

So, I’m trying again, this time working with the process and recipe that Stephanie at A Modern Christian Woman  followed when she made sourdough. Hers was actually *sour*. I like it. I have great expectations.

And get this, one of her readers actually named her starter and keeps track of each one as if they were part of a family tree (“…my starter now is Betty, she came from Bob, my last starter…”)

Am I the only one that thinks this is *THE* party to join?

Here’s the question that weighs on my mind – what should I name *our* starter?




It has to be something fun to say in public. I want to be able to be in line at the grocery store and say, “I wish this line would hurry up – I have to go home and feed —!”

Any suggestions? Throw them in – I am in desperate need, I can’t have a nameless starter living on the counter, now can I?



2 thoughts on “sourdough: take 2

  1. oh boy, that is a question to ponder. i sometimes refer to mine as my baby, as it feels that way after feeding it every four hours for a day, but i’ve never given them names. hmm…

    • Hmmmm… I think I may end up needing to try your recipe – you are the first person I’ve heard mention feeding it every four hours and I’m terribly intrigued…

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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