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and so we beat the butter

This is going to be one of those awful posts in which I ramble on and on about my random life and don’t really say anything helpful or clever or tasty at all.

I hope you are prepared.

Almost a week ago I had my four wisdom teeth *extracted* – my mouth feels strangely dumb and empty without them, but all the same – they are gone. I have spent the past many days in a semi-delirium of pain and pain medications as one of the sockets slowly dried out instead of healing.

*cue return to surgeon, snipping of stitches, scraping of bone, inducing of bleeding, more  stitches, more pain meds – NOW*

I am feeling much better now, thank you, and have begun weaning myself off the narcotics so that I may do useful things like think and work and cook dinner.

All I remember from the last week has blended together in my mind like one big smoothy of ice cream, salt water, antibiotics, and this strange image of Julia Child, standing over a stick of cold butter, waving a gigantic wooden rolling pin around in the air while saying, “And so we must beat the butter…” in her cheerful, breathless way.

I am left thinking, “Was it real?”

Was it?

4 thoughts on “and so we beat the butter

  1. I dare say it was real. I have seen recipes in her book that tell you to beat the butter. 😀 Your experience sounds horrendous though… and I’ve now decided that I’m just going to pretend I don’t have any wisdom teeth, never get them removed and just hope for the best. *nod*

    • Oh. It wasn’t *that* bad – I’m not dead, am I? Of course for a couple of days the jury seemed to be out on the subject… but I’m right as rain now!

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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