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why is there a mop on my roof?

My wisdom teeth are coming in.

It seems, at least to me, as if it would be a simple ordeal, I mean really – how hard is it to grow teeth? Babies do it All The Time.

The teeth start under the gum, then press through and ta-da, you’ve got some chewing equipment, right?

Of course right.

Unless you’re MY teeth, in which case the teeth twist around and try to grow into the bone sitting next to them because life wasn’t supposed to make sense or be easy. Why grow the right way when the wrong way is so strewn with interesting things like excruciating pain and migraines and that ridiculous vacant look I now own because of the pain pills?

We don’t like easy, my teeth and I, which explains why I am sitting here, doped to the sky, unhappily yet anxiously awaiting next Friday when all my foolish wisdom teeth will be surgically removed.

Yay. Coffee ice cream, here I come.

It also explains why the Great Chicken Challenge has been postponed until I am back in my right mind.

This might take a while.

Until then, I remain your faithful, if somewhat dopey blogger –



7 thoughts on “why is there a mop on my roof?

  1. I too am getting my wisdom (just one) taken out at the end of the month.
    Not looking forward to it either. Did you know we have a common friend? Auntie Jill!

    • Another of my friends is having her wisdom teeth out – I suggested we have a double funeral for them… maybe we need to make it a triple? 😉
      I love Auntie Jill – it is my dream to someday own one of her little stuffed goats. *sigh*. Small world, eh?

  2. This does NOT sound fun. I’m sure Friday can’t come soon enough for you! Mine are bizarre, but fortunately not painful at this point. One came in properly, one is a tiny peg, one is positioned horizontally, and the other is… not there. My dentist instantly knew I was a very creative person when he looked at my x-rays, because, as he said, why have four normal teeth when you can have each one different? I am not looking forward to having them out, but I know it must happen eventually.

    • Why be normal when there are so many other more interesting options? I agree!
      It’s too bad you’re not having them out soon, we’re trying to get together a mass Wisdom Tooth funeral and we’d love to include your teeth in the affair 😉
      Let them eat ice cream…

      • I know, Kacie is getting hers out too, that would have made the experience about as fun as it can get… but alas, I’ve used up my dental insurance on my braces so it has to wait while I save up money! Or not… I keep hoping maybe my flesh will reabsorb them before they emerge…

  3. Ah, yes .. . a similar experience with wisdom teeth and codeine. What was that song lyric about take a little trip and never leave the farm. Whoa! After that I dealt with the pain takingTylenol.

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