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no.i’m not. obsessing.

I think I have found the perfect food, that’s all.

Just saying.

The sky is moody and unsure today, I am dressed in my husband’s grimy highschool coveralls and painting in the kitchen. Painting kitchen shelves, to be exact. We inherited three  wooden box shelves from Alex’s mother that have been put to very good use over the past couple of months, and now that the weather is fair, we have emptied them and I am letting loose my frustrated interior decorator – paint flies. So exciting, but I’ve worn myself out and it’s time for lunch.

What to have, what to have?

I have been ever so slightly obsessing about my new favorite food, Caprese (chicken caprese, caprese salad, caprese panini.. anything caprese, really.) and finally have all the ingredients to make it – at home – oh my. Good things coming!

Ripe tomatoes (we paid a little extra and got locally grown hydroponic ones… ooo lala… absolutely worth it.)

Buffalo Mozzarella (Can I get a ‘yum’ from the crowd? Oh. My. WORD. This makes all other store bought mozzarella taste a little lame with its soft milky-ness…)

Basil (this I cheated a little bit and bought one of those tubes of fresh herbs. Who’s ever heard of that? Herbs, blended with a little oil and kept in a tube – it’s a little futuristic, but until our basil grows a little more it will have to do.)

2 slices of bread (because it is going to be a caprese *sandwich*)

a dribble of balsamic vinegar

I’ll be right back.

Ok, I’m back. It was superb, but next time I am going to skip the bread and just eat the mozzarella with tomato and basil by itself – I think it will be much improved. Here’s what I did: Placed a smear of olive oil in my little frying pan (lacking a panini maker, a frying pan *is* our only option) then laid down a slice of bread. On top of that I layered some slices of mozzarella (I ate a couple too, don’t tell…), some of the fascinating basil paste, slices of tomato, then the other slice of bread. Grilled on both sides for about 3 minutes (which was far too much!! I, of course, burned my sandwich – but we won’t talk about that now…) and then served cut in half with a drizzle of vinegar on top.


I took some pictures while I was out there..

The mess that is my kitchen….

The shelves, which are painted, “Holy-Cow-That’s-Tarp-Blue” and “I-LOVE-GUACAMOLE!!-Green”  Loverly, ain’t they? *That’ll* brighten things up a bit!

My burned sandwich. Uglier than all its peers, it still tasted delicious to the one who charred it. Next time, definitely no bread…

2 thoughts on “no.i’m not. obsessing.

  1. Yes, the most perfect food–ok, next to ice cream. I prefer Mozzarella Caprese Salad with a little EVOO, fleur de sel, and cracked pepper. Rather than bread/toast I make a little garlic toast to sop up the juices. OMG!

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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