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fun food reads

This is just for fun 🙂 A collection of food-related reads I have thoroughly enjoyed:


Circus Peanut Soup; I am utterly fascinated by the grossness of this idea… and am still wondering if he actually did it.. and ate it. A gem from Ken Albala’s Food Rant blog.

Food For Midwesterners; What? An entire post devoted to a classic Midwestern meal – beef and noodles? She ups the class level on this simple dish by adding wine and calling it ‘braised beef’ instead of ‘boiled beef’ as her superhero husband does… way to go Carly!

Roasting Balls of Heaven; You will never think of Brussels sprouts in the same way.. nor will you spell their name incorrectly like I have for the past – 23 – years. Can’t wait to get my hands on some little rose cabbages and try this recipe… plus, I love this chef’s food rants!

Sweet Potato Fries; Oh.My.Word. This young lady from upstate New York is not only my state-neighbor (howdy neighbor!) but she is an awesome cook and kindred kitchen spirit. She just started her blog and I am *rather* excited to see what comes of it… I have already tried the fries – they are fabulous. Fabulous. Trust me. This Post is also very much worth reading though it has nothing to do with cooking…

Coconut Chocolate Chews?; Um, yes please? I am destined to make these… and just about everything else featured on this incredibly lovely, inspiring site.

So there you have it, five fun food ‘things’ to brighten, educate, inspire and enliven your culinary life…..


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"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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