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proteinize me

I know. It’s not a word, yet it made it into the title of this here post- we’ll just look the other way and move on…

My husband has a fondness for Fast and Loud. I am not entirely sure how he was attracted to me- a girl who believes humans really weren’t meant to go much faster than a horse can run and would rather spend an hour chopping veggies rather than use the somewhat noisy food processor.

Ah so. Here we meet in the middle-ground of true love, him with his motorcycle and me with my spinning wheel, happily living together in a world where fast and slow don’t necessarily exclude one another.

How do we fuel this expedition of life? Trying to eat healthily and stay fit to chop veggies or work on cars isn’t as easy as it may have seemed at first. For starters, there is the whole Protein dilemma. How much is enough? How do we get it? How do we make it taste good when we’ve gotten it (I do still believe the answer is ‘deep fry it’….) How do we afford good meat so as to get *protein* and not *hormones* and *antibiotics*? And the ever present- What about snacks?

Questions, questions.

For tonight, the answer lies with this experiment that will be conducted in the kitchen tomorrow- homemade protein bars. Ta-Da.

I did an exhaustive (and exhausting) search for protein bar recipes online and came up with enough that I was able to cannibalize several, mix the pieces with ideas of my own and come up with something of a recipe to try.

*cocoa powder
*peanut butter
*sesame seeds
*flax seeds
*coconut oil
*organic rice protein powder

Proportions are subject to my arbitrary whim, as are cooking times, storage and methods for consumption. I’m thinking I’d like to try making a baked one with quinoa flour…. what thinkest thou?


"Why did they separate us?"
"Probably for the sanity of those around us...."
"Yeah. Probably."

4 thoughts on “proteinize me

    • Hmmmm, I think I found a recipe for ‘protein brownies’ that uses quinoa flour, if it’s any good, I’ll pass it on 🙂
      It’s a super-awesome grain….

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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