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this lovely curse of lowercase; my fat, artsy voice

i just looked at the stats for my site- never a very encouraging thing to do on a monday night when my hair is threatening to eat my head and my stomach is threatening to eat its way out of my body *and* my homework is threatening to eat its way through the paper its written on, just to escape being turned it. lots of threats. lots of eating going on. not a whole awful lot of anything else. i have determined never to mind the numbers; i write because i must, and if you read it- you read it and i am thrilled. never spend time writing for the person who doesn’t read- it sounds like something my class instructor would say. and no, she isn’t the one who prompted me to so blatantly break the laws of capitalization, i’m just feeling rather lowercase tonight. you know what i mean, don’t you? ever have a day, or time in the day, when everything is lowercase, all the words go together right but none of them is willing to stand out and be capitalized? it’s days like this when i find *one* song and play it over and over again until words appear right once again. tonight the song is the haunting and melancholic new tune by taylor swift and the civil wars, a lullaby i can’t get out of my head- just like the lowercases.

along with counting how many people click on the each of these blog pages, the stats processor also keeps track of how people find the blog, what they typed into their search bar that made google think my blog was the right answer. usually there are searches like, ‘washboard storms’, ‘washboards’, ‘julia child quote’ – all things that actually make sense, but tonight, listed among the searches, was this gem,

‘fat, artsy people’.

Really? (whoa, i came out of lowercase for a moment.)

someone really typed that into a search bar – and found me? interesting. very interesting.

tonight the lesson in the creative writing workshop was on ‘finding your voice’. the assignments included writing out a strong memory from your childhood that might have influenced your ‘writing voice’ (hence the homework doing its acidic work on the page just to the left of this computer), and creating an ‘i believe’ list that gives some clues as to your ‘writing personality and style’. ah so. perhaps my voice is that of a fat, artsy sort of person. maybe i have a fat, artsy writing style and google knows more about it that i do. maybe that’s what i am missing. i haven’t found my fat, artsy voice. maybe i am trying to sound too skinny…..

and now, just for you, my ‘i believe list’. you can decide for yourself what kind of voice i have, its weight and personality type.

i believe

i believe that words are beautiful and should be treated as such

i believe that A.A.Milne was a true literary genius and utterly perfect in style. utterly

i believe that sometimes, a run-on sentence is *exactly* what is needed

i believe that writing on oneself should be considered a legitimate literary form

i believe in writing things that might set paper – or brains – on fire

i believe that you shouldn’t beat people in the face with floral descriptions of everyday objects

i believe that, should i ever happen to run into Charles Dickens on the street, we will become fast, close friends

i believe that the first trick to writing well is simply seeing well. see what you write. write what you see.

 i believe in detail – the single detail that could end up changing the world for someone

i believe in names – good ones

i believe fantasy will never, ever, ever, be able to compete with reality for interest, depth, perspective, inspiration, or wealth of material to work from

i believe that juxtaposition is most interesting

what do you believe? about writing, fat, art, voices – do you believe the voices you hear and what they say about fat artists?

please, do share with the class….

and i’ve included that sad song, just in case you have a day without capital letters in the near future….

3 thoughts on “this lovely curse of lowercase; my fat, artsy voice

  1. Your blog is one of my favorites, Anne. : ) Honestly, if I only have a minute to read something, I’ll check to see if you have a new post before anyone else. I’m only one person, I know, but I think your writing is truly well above average.

    • Well thank you Valerie! I certainly appreciate and enjoy having you as a reader. I’m so glad you enjoy my ramblings….. That means a *great* deal to me!

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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