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second random: in deference to Irene

Yes, I have received my second wind of Random Tidings, and they are all for you. Another post with no food, no witty sayings (I know, you’re still waiting for the wit to appear in the first place, I’m sorry) and no ridiculously sappy stories about my husband. Ok, maybe just *one* sappy story- please? It’s just you and me, random reader, and the night to fill. I’ve dug through my photo files and found a handful of pictures that I took while wandering downtown after hurricane Irene…..

Guarding main street.

 Waiting to cross the road that isn’t really there anymore.

This is the neighborhood cat, named Folgers. Yes, like the coffee….

 Because this is Vermont after all, heaven forbid we have hippies using the *front* door… Good thing it’s just a joke!

Work crews, firefighters and spectators the day after…

Our little pizza shop looks like it’s trying to get a head-start in a race against the other buildings! The creek that runs beneath the town swelled over its bounds and came up *over* the town, taking the pizza shop with it.

A better shot of the House of Pizza in it’s ‘new location’.

 Mud Everywhere, Everywhere, Every Where.

 The diner right in the heart of town that barely missed being swept away. I got  a job here a week or so after taking this picture!

 Make-shift relief centers opened spontaneously hours after the storm had died down. It was amazing.

I love this, “in deference to Irene”…..

We all did a lot of things in deference to that storm after it blew through our state and nearly tore it apart. It’s amazing to think that even in all the wreck and ruin, so many good things came out of it. It was incredible to see the way our little town came out and began to rebuild the day after. I met some really neat people while volunteering downtown, ended up with a pretty cool job and one might even say started a chain of events that would end with me marrying a really wonderful guy just months later. Ok, that was the sappy part- I’m done now.

Thanks for reading! More random ramblings to come…



"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." Julia Child

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