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Quite a Gift

I eloped, as the world all knows. I said my vows in a hushed college chapel in New Hampshire under the loveliest stained glass window I have ever beheld, barely lit by the very full and silvery moon outside.

The bachelor party consisted of watching Finding Nemo with my betrothed at his mom’s house and the honeymoon was barely a day long before we had to head home for work on Monday morning and yet, and yet, it was perfect.

We ‘hit the ground running’, as they say, having to wake up at an ungodly hour on Monday, there was work to go to, groceries to be bought, all of my stuff that needed to be moved, and I think we were both still quite dizzy from the fact that we were actually, factually, hard-core, absolutely, till-death-do-us-part MARRIED. Delirious happiness- does that exist? Because I think we may have found a new species of it if it does, and if it didn’t exist- then it sure does now!

Monday was the best day of work of my entire life. I claimed our little diner as a my own private hall, and every customer was my personal guest to the wedding reception, it was wonderful. The more I told people the reason for my joy- the happier I got. People were laughing and even crying as I rehearsed the details of my special day over and over again- heck, I was laughing and crying as well! My heart thrilled as person after person told me their love story in return, from our regular people who know me well to tourists who’ve never seen me before in their lives. I became thoroughly convinced that people don’t let themselves be in love *nearly* enough. People don’t talk about it enough, people don’t celebrate it enough. People should buy strangers coffee in the name of the ones they love best, not only does it feel absolutely *amazing*, but it makes the person on the other end a little happier as well. I couldn’t help but feel that this- *this* is how our wedding, our Love should be celebrated, not with pomp and circumstance and production, but by taking the sacred bliss and sharing it with the moments of everyday; over coffee, while eating scrambled eggs, in between doctor’s appointments and on road trips. What could be more fitting for a cop and his waitress?

“My love,” I told my husband when I got off that day, “The entire town is happy for us and everyone left that diner absolutely in love because of our story- isn’t that incredible?”

It is incredible. I am in no way incredible as a person, but the Lord has given me an incredible Man, and an incredible story and as I sit down in our kitchen at the end of this first week of marriage, I am stunned by the weight and the glory of what has been given me.

“Andi,” my boss said to me, “Do you realize that you have what every body is looking for? Isn’t that what every one wants, what every one is looking for- to be loved absolutely unconditionally, committedly, determinedly, utterly, with no strings? And you’ve got it. That’s quite a gift.”

My God, is it ever.


One thought on “Quite a Gift

  1. Ann, you are in every way incredible and your incredibleness has attracted an equally amazing man! You two are such an inspiration! I wish you both all the love in the universe. God bless you!

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