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23 things you didn’t know

It’s my Happy Birthday, folks! Twenty-three years ago I was emancipated from the womb and let loose on this wide, wild planet – what a trip this life it has been, and I am thankful for every year that the Lord has so graciously brought me through!

23 things you never knew you never knew about


1) I am deathly afraid of anything with wings (even dragons and ladybugs)

2. I couldn’t whistle until I was 20 years old

THREE: When I was a kid I thought there was an entire civilization of tiny people who lived in between the couch cushions (I’m still not *totally* convinced I was wrong, someone must be blamed for all the things that supposedly get ‘swallowed’ by the couch, eh?)

4) I can scream loud enough to shatter eardrums and liquefy brain cells

(five) my brother and I had our own little record player and a stack of Jackson 5 records when we were kids (we were so *stinkin’* cool)

6. if I could pick three things I want developed in myself, they would be Cheerfulness, Thankfulness and LovingTenderness  (did you like the clever way I slipped four things in on my ‘three things’ list?)

7) I am terribly allergic to dawn dish soap, tomato plants, hand sanitizer and hugs from people I don’t know

EiGhT- My literary hero as a child was Dr. Seuss. I wrote a Seuss-esque poem when I was in elementary school for The Doctor’s birthday. ***awwww***

9. My literary hero as an adult is Charles Dickens, because really, how can you not like a guy who breaks every single rule the English language has conjured up and yet is still hailed as one of the greatest writers that has ever lived? It’s so *exactly* the kind of thing he would have loved and it tickles me to no end.

*TEN* If I dressed exactly how I pleased, no one would be seen with me in public. Think hippie Tim Burton meets 1940s Britain. Yup.

11. I had a pig collection. not real ones, fake pigs. Of course.

twelve- I failed gym class. repeatedly. I was never the last one picked, I was the one the teacher had to *put* in a team because no one would pick me even when I was obviously the last one standing there. all alone.

13. (ten left- you hanging in there?) I am delighted by the most ridiculously simple things, and am usually pretty willing to show that delight to whoever happens to be standing near me at the time.

4teen: I dream of traveling to Europe and the Grand Canyon

15) I would rather be barefoot

10+6= I was in a rock band (sort of, for a short time, but it counts)

17.  I am struggling to come up with 23 things about me that are even semi-interesting

18) I didn’t really sweat until I was 18, I just kind of overheated and then passed out. so that’s not even semi-interesting, but it’s pretty weird, huh?

nineteen- I became a Christian when I was nineteen years old

20) I’ve been pooped on by cows, rabbits, sheep, goats, cats, birds, chickens, snails and frogs- cow is the worst

**twenty-one**  (two more, you can do it!!) I taught myself how to knit and somehow it worked out that I knit left-handed, even though I am a rather right-handed gal……

22- It is my heart’s desire to someday be married and have a bunch of children that I will dress in over-sized overalls and teach to sing in the rain and love God and not be afraid of life. I want to have children with cheerful childhoods to tuck in their pockets.

Three and Twenty: I love vegetables. I love them even better when they are deep-fried


So there you go, twenty-three things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about me! Now it’s your turn, if you so desire, leave a comment- let me know something about you, I’d love to hear it!


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